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Steve Zorichak

After the recent debacle in Iraq in which ex-military-contract security guards’ bodies were publicly desecrated, “Operations Research” might design the solution:

The top 15 leaders of each community would each be given their own brightly painted golf cart. As each military of supply convoy approached their town, a reception committee fo at least five leaders would motor out of town about a mile and form an escort consisting of a lead cart, follow-up cart and escorts along the length of the convoy.

The same thing would exist on their way out of town.

For about $15,000, this might reduce or possibly minimize roadside bombings.

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“Operations Research” is the title of classes of studies involving measuring periodic perfomance records of established operating processes at the Colorado School of Mines.

A favorite classic case history example is of a four-mile tunnel into a mine with only one set of rails in a narrow tunnel. How could the capacity be increased without shutting down the mine to widen the tunnel? The solution involved a side spur in the middle to allow the train of empties to pull off the main track while the loaded train exited the mine.

Thiis was an actual solution to a mining problem recommended to Climax Molybdenum Co. (now known as Amex) at their Henderson Mine.

In 1972, Dr. Robert Woolsey, professor and founder of the class of studies, had a marvelous solution for the solution of a factory polluting a major waterway. The plant effluent discharge pipe was to be placed one mile upstream of the water intake, giving a great inspiritation to not have accidental discharges fo contaminants.

Possible golf cart escorts might reduce road mines in Iraq.

Steve Zorichak


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