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One year tighter

Cassie Pence

MINTURN – Coming of age in its third year, funk band Filthy Children has given birth to two “babies.”Vocalist Micah Guy delivered baby boy Torin six months ago, and the band busted out its first CD during a two-day recording session in Boulder. The cover art features a photograph of the band with Guy at center. Her round pregnant belly reads “Knocked Up,” the album’s title. It was shot just four days before Torin entered the world. “It was a great experience,” drummer Kevin Dykstra said about making the album. “We’re very proud of it. We recorded it all live. We over dubbed just a couple of things.”Filthy Children perform for Live! in Minturn Friday at 9 p.m. at The Saloon. Tickets are $7, and all proceeds benefit community projects for the town of Minturn. Filthy Children closed out the fundraising concert series last year to a packed, dancing crowd.

“We’re an upbeat band, very horn-driven with a funk, jazz sound,” Guy said. “Normally, people are dancing their butts off. It’s music that we feel people have a good time listening to.”The band has evolved quite a bit since its inception. It started out instrumental, playing groovy funk with horns, guitar and drums. Once they added Guy, Dykstra said, it changed everything. Adding a vocalist steered the group even more toward the funk genre and increased the band’s energy. Three years of constant gigging on the Front Range and in mountain towns hasn’t hurt Filthy Children’s sound either.”I think our songwriting has gotten tighter because we’ve gotten to know each other better,” Guy said. “We have a cleaner sound, and on stage we know how to read each other. We go off a little bit, follow each other’s lead and come back in. We’re connected now.”Besides Guy and Dykstra, Filthy Children include trombonist Jon Braddy, trumpeter Steve Illich, tenor and alto saxophonist Matt White, tenor saxophonist Tobey Hopper, guitarist Bryant Walker and bassist Alan Burki.

The new album features all originals, including fan favorites “Butta” and “Knuckle Shuffle.” “Butta” is about all the funky things one can do with butter.”When we play the song ‘Butta’ out in public, everyone of all ages is like, ‘I love that song,’ and they kind of freak out,” Guy said. “It’s a great song musically.”Dykstra likes “Knuckle Shuffle” because it features Latin grooves that the band usually doesn’t play. The drummer encourages everyone, even those who came out last year, to return to the party in Minturn tonight.”We’re a year tighter now,” Dykstra said. “We’ve got more songs and a lot more experience. People better be ready to dance.”

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