Only the Ill-informed vote for Obama |

Only the Ill-informed vote for Obama

Mike Lederhause
McCoy, CO, Colorado

Responsible government starts with you the voter. It is important to spend some time and learn about the issues and the candidates rather than blindly vote for the D or R. If you don’t vote you have no grounds to complain and you deserve just what you get. If you vote blindly, by party only, you are part of the problem. A perfect example is those folks that are voting for Obama and blatantly disregard all the questionable aspects of his campaign. The fact that he has not established that he is in fact an American citizen that is eligible to serve as president according to the Constitution, his close association with numerous people of poor character, his lack of experience, pro gun control stance, questionable campaign finances and many other things that should concern every voter.

The future of the United States is at risk because of these ill-informed voters, so please don’t be one of them.

It’s not wrong to be a Democrat, but it is wrong to put all your trust in the party and not make your decision based on the facts.

You would not hire an employee without a proper background check, yet this is one of the most important decisions you may make as a citizen of this great country. Don’t take the responsibility lightly. Things just don’t add up in this election.

The national and local Democratic Party is so desperate for a win that they have not done their homework before promoting their candidates.

The voters have turned down Joe Biden in the primaries as their choice for president, yet Obama has not shown much thought in picking him for a running mate. If you did not want Biden for a president before, why would you want him now?

Please consider your vote carefully. Our future is at risk.

Last year during the Eagle County recall effort for Arn Menconi, there was much support from the public to recall all three Eagle County commissioners.

We can’t get rid of Sara Fisher at this time, but we certainly can get rid of Peter Runyon. He has followed Menconi for the last four years so make sure he follows Menconi out the door now. We can’t afford another four years of Runyon and his Cohorts.

Mike Lederhause


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