Only two days to go and still on my feet |

Only two days to go and still on my feet

I was struck today by the amount of people around me who have exhibited plegmy coughs. Even the guy who sells the giant, plastic, obnoxious trumpets ” without advising buyers that they’re forbidden in large swarms of people where someone’s ear is a half an inch from the sound hole ” gave a mighty blow into one of his horns outside the biathlon today, then put it down and hacked like his entrails were on their way up.

What perfect marketing for something on which other people will put their mouths.

I’ve been trying very hard to ignore how susceptible I am to illness when I’ve spent every day for the last two weeks either surrounded by hackers in an enclosed setting like a press room or a bus, or I’ve been standing out in the freezing cold … surrounded largely by hackers and cigarettes.

I’ve been trying to ignore how every morning for the last week I’ve just about had to fall out of bed to get up in the morning.

Janica Kostelic leaps from a death bed just about every time she earns a medal. She was supposedly ill and feverish the other day when she almost won the super-G.

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Then there’s the others who keep fighting – Lindsey Kildow who has skied four events coming directly out of her hospital bed; Kristina Koznick who attempted the Olympic slalom without a right ACL ” if these girls can do all this, I dare not say anything about feeling a little under the weather.

I’m not saying that I’m sick. I don’t have a cough. But if I wanted one, all I’d have to do is stand in a pack of people and breathe.

I’ve gotten so good at holding my breath, I’m thinking of swimming home next week.

Today I was determined to write a story about Olympic surprises (more in the setting sense than in the results). I rented a snowboard and went to Claviere again, where I thought I’d find a large amount of ski and snowboard spectators to interview.

While chairlifts back home are the greatest places to conduct interviews, it doesn’t work over here, because no matter how much you’re smiling and no matter how long the lift line is, people never sit with strangers. The lines weren’t very long, and nobody sat with me.

I accosted a couple of French-Canadians who said they were just here for five days and the only event they’d seen was bobsled. They weren’t much for comment.

Aside from logistical stuff and attempted interviews with spectators on their days off, I’ve gone virtually all day without having a real conversation. Another journalist just stopped me to ask what kind of animal ears Resi Stiegler wears on her helmet, and I was at a sad loss. I guessed hamster.

It’s hard to believe that the Games are wrapping up in two days … gotta soak it up. Gotta stay healthy and drink more liquefied chocolate.

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