Open letter to Republicans: How can you still support President Donald Trump? (letter) |

Open letter to Republicans: How can you still support President Donald Trump? (letter)

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What do you stand for and believe in?

Do you care about America and preserving it for future generations? Following is a list of items, thus far, that President Donald Trump has done to bring destruction to the America we love: backed out of Paris Agreement, dismantled clean power plan, brought back king coal, weakened fuel economy standards, starved environmental budgets and opened federal lands to oil and gas pollution.

Have you forgotten about Puerto Rico and the devastation they still face from the hurricane months ago? Does it not upset you to see President Donald Trump make light of the plight of these folks by tossing paper towels into the air?

Do you know that our teachers have to take part time jobs in order to just feed and house themselves and the students’ text books are falling apart, as well as their desks, while President Trump and his staff are living and spending like there is no tomorrow? Does this bother you at all?

Have you forgotten about the plight of the Dreamers? The Republican Party used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln, who cared about freedom and rights for everyone and was called “Honest Abe” because he was. Now you go along with a man who is a racist and has many times proven it with his own words.

Has the Emoluments Clause simply been forgotten? Check it out, Republicans, and find out for yourselves if the president and his relatives in the White House are profiting from their positions.

As Thomas Friedman has said, President Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy. He punches people rather than rewarding them. Leon Panetta has further stated that this is a dangerous moment for our country. The President’s tweets generate crises and chaos.

I am appalled at how you can listen to the rantings on Fox News of all the lies being spread about Robert Mueller, who is a war hero and has always worked for and dedicated his life to service of our country. The FBI and CIA are institutions that are protecting us. Have the news channels you watch destroyed your faith in the very institutions who are protecting our democracy and our Constitution?

I am praying every day for the truth to win out and for the Republicans in the House to grow a spine and stand up for our freedoms and for the America we love.

Linda Carr


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