Orange and blue sunset lingers over Vail |

Orange and blue sunset lingers over Vail

From left is Lyndsy Clark, Ilona Sheynkman and Moira Heath, of Denver, about to enjoy some early turns at Vail on Sunday morning. Heath enjoyed a similar day in 2014, only without the Broncos win.
John LaConte | The Vail Daily |

VAIL — Signifying that a win was on its way, a blue and orange sunset shone over the Eagle River Valley as halftime approached on Sunday.

It capped off the daylight hours in what was a fun and festive Super Bowl Sunday, which started with an equally beautiful sunrise as first tracks seekers gathered at the base of Vail Mountain. Donning a Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII jersey, Moira Heath, of Denver, spent Super Bowl Sunday in much the same way she spent Super Bowl XLVIII — she skied Vail starting first thing in the morning and watched the game in Beaver Creek later that day.

“It’s like a tradition,” she said.

Joining her in her combination skiing and football day of sports, also in Broncos jerseys, were her friends Ilona Sheynkman and Lyndsy Clark, also of Denver.

“It’s the Colorado thing to do,” Sheynkman said.

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Some in Vail weren’t able to enjoy the game with friends.

Rusty Lovato took advantage of CBS Sports’ free streaming option while he worked the attendant’s booth at the Vail Village parking structure.

“At least I can watch the game while I work,” Lovato said.

Also working during the game was Patricia Gray, the hostess at the Chophouse in Lionshead Village.

“We’ve been packed since noon,” she said. “At 2:30 they had to kick everybody out and get ready for the game, and by kickoff we were jam packed with Broncos fans.”

But it wasn’t all Broncos fans watching the game from Vail on Sunday.

Visiting from Texas, a group of Panther fans took over the television in the lobby of the Evergreen Lodge. Kim McKinney, Michelle Davis, Roshunda Evans, Sasha Brandon, Shakerra Brown, Keshawna Cole-Clark and Kia Carter Reddix are in town celebrating Davis’ 28th birthday today. They enjoyed a quieter and more comfortable environment than the neighboring Altitude Club, which prepared for the game with 20 televisions and still saw Broncos fans spilling out into the hallway.


Looking to enjoy the Colorado activities that don’t involve football, the Drimmer family, of Toronto, booked their trip to Vail months ago.

But as luck would have it, said Lenny Drimmer, they chose to vacation in the state that sent a team to the Super Bowl.

“The kids are loving the excitement,” said Alana Drimmer of her children Ella, 4, and Alexa, 16 months, during halftime on Sunday. “We got them orange pom poms and let them run around.”

DJ Weez and his wife, Melody Peterson, got out on the mountain for first turns on Sunday before hosting a house party during the Super Bowl. Their friend Jeff Hokeness, in town from Mankato, Minnesota, just so happened to wear a blue coat and orange ski pants. Alongside Peterson, who was decked out in a bright orange Broncos sweater, he blended right in.

“I root for anyone who isn’t the Packers,” Hokeness said.

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