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Organic electricity

Ben Quirk
Special to the Daily Michael Travis, Jamie Janover and Aaron Holstein, pictured, form Zilla. The band who specializes in improvisation plays 8150 Friday.

So there I was watching the Superbowl half-time show, thankfully strictly censored and nipple free, and it got me to thinking: We need more half-times in life with corresponding shows. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had half-times cropping up in every day life. You’re out at the supermarket and just as you clear the coffee and sweeteners aisle, a deafening klaxon goes off and everyone comes to a standstill while the manager and their most trusted staff run out onto a podium to perform a medley of Village People songs in full costume and perfect choreography.The Rolling Stones were the real talking point of the Superbowl, of course. They’re a feel-good band that makes people feel younger. This isn’t exactly hard. With a combined age of 763 and the looks to match, centenarian’s feel like teens. The members of the band have seen it all: Kings and Queens crowned and dethroned, wars flare and subside, new technology (like electricity) sweep the globe and the fall of the Roman Empire.The Rolling Stones are an inspiration to all of those who seek craggy, plasticy features. To those of us who believe that you can pickle a human and still live. They are an inspiration to those of us want to impregnate young Brazilian models when we’re old enough to be characters from The Bible.The bands coming to play for us this week are out treading the path broken by the Stones every day; they are headstrong and ambitious, flowing with new music and with desire burning in their hearts. While we sit, staring at computers and idly munching chocolate, they are out there living the dream. Good luck, guys.Vinyl rewind from DJsSan Francisco-based seven-piece Vinyl are a band who are reminding people how danceable live music can be. Songs from Vinyl tend to flow into each other, ebbing and flowing with energy much like a DJ might match and mix records.

A typical Vinyl sequence might include old-skool funk, Latin percussion, reggae and R’n’B but all filtered through Vinyl’s percussive-slanted minds.Vinyl play today and Thursday at Samana. Tishamingo serves finest southern rockWhen a bunch of Georgians cruise up from the South blazing a trail with their blues-tinged, southern-rock infused rock ‘n’ roll, you better sit up and take notice.As part of their non-stop touring schedule, these workaholic musicians cruise into Vail on Thursday to unleash their material on an audience bracing themselves for that funky edged, Tishamingo rock. Electric Side Dish tasty enough to be entréeElectric Side Dish (ESD) is comprised of good honest Colorado lads. They breathe deep of the fresh mountain air, they tussle with elk and bears and they rock hard and loud so we can rock hard and loud.

Stalwarts of the local scene for over a decade now, ESD have honed the art of getting a crowd onto the dance floor and dancing like a bunch of loons. The band slips from blues, rock, jazz, country and folk and will drop in covers from favorites such as Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, The Doors and fresh-faced upstarts The Rolling Stones. So don’t say no one ever does anything for you. ESD will be creating an enjoyable sonic ruckus at Sandbar on Thursday.Zilla a real monster of organic dance musicLike all good bands should, Zilla tries to be a little different from its peers in order to create something new and exciting. A musical trio with a rich history of playing in bands and well practiced with their myriad collection of instruments, Zilla attempts to create what the group describes as “tension-release” music. This is where the band watches and listens carefully to the crowd and responds accordingly, a situation where supposedly the audience leads the band and not the other way around.A stage full of esoteric electronic gadgetry sit alongside more familiar guitars, drums and keys to form an armory ready to be taken up to forge the unique Zilla sound.While many would argue that Zilla doesn’t constitute true dance-music with its heavy guitar influences and live vocals, but taken at face value, this is a band whose sole purpose is to create high-energy sounds in order to galvanize people into wild dance floor moves and in that case, dance music is the perfect description.Become part of the bouncing collective at 8150 on Friday.De La Soul trip into the white fantastic

It’s not too often that we have bands of De La Soul’s history and stature hip-hopping through the Valley, and Saturday sees the influential trio play among the fresh snow at Vail’s 8150. Though no longer as large as it used to be when the group released “3 Feet and Rising,” De La Soul is still renowned and respected for their take on hip-hop. De La Soul were at the forefront of a new style of light jazzy sounds, off-the-cuff samples and surreal lyrics.The band will be cruising through the old and the new when they entertain the locals this week, and for those looking for a dose of real hip-hop played and a slice of musical fun, then De La Soul are the band for you.Speakeasy’s harmonious cojonesEver since George W. Bush described British Prime Minister Tony Blair (with a rare flash of irony) as having cojones, the Spanish word for ‘balls’ has permeated popular language. It’s unlikely that Mid-west band Speakeasy use the word as much as Joe Public in London, but the group’s sound has been described in the past as “harmony with balls.” This is because that although they are essentially a full on rock band with traditional driving guitar licks, thick bass lines and intense drum rhythms, a three man vocal attack and keen ear for what makes a song truly rock has lead to a solid and distinctive Speakeasy sound being created.The bods in the know at the Sandbar have booked Speakeasy for two nights running because they know that they’ll be turning people away from the first night. Whether this gives them enough time to scrape the remains of the crowd who have self-combusted under the sheer force of Speakeasy’s sound remains to be seen, but they’re a resourceful bunch and I’m sure the floor will be clean and the fire extinguishers refilled.Hot Buttered Rum plays highest bluegrass in the worldAcoustic ensemble Hot Buttered Rum are not so well known outside of their genre of acoustic and bluegrass, but the band is quickly becoming well respected within the circle by their peers and fans alike. Combining the older traditions of acoustic folk and bluegrass with newer interpretations of rock ‘n’ roll and reggae, Hot Buttered Rum are wowing audiences left, right and centre with the words and music. Probably forever destined to be kept away from the world at large, Tuesday night at 8150 is easily the best way to see the band. See them up close and personal before festival audiences reduce them to mere specks on a distant stage.

Today – Vinyl at Samana at 10 p.m.Thursday -Tishamingo at 8150 at 10 p.m./ Electric Sidedish at Sandbar at 10 p.m./ Vinyl at Samana at 10 p.m./ Bliss on Tap at Agave at 10 p.m.Friday – Zilla at 8150 at 10 p.m., / Speakeasy at Sandbar at 10 p.m. / Mike Mathers at Loaded Joe’s at 9 p.m./ DJs Kind and JJ Santiago at Agave at 10 p.m.Saturday – De La Soul at 8150 at 10 p.m. / Speakeasy at Sandbar at 10 p.m. / Absylom Rising at Loaded Joe’s at 9:30 p.m.Tuesday – Hot Buttered Rum at 8150 at 10 p.m.Vail, Coloraod

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