Organizers laying down rules for cruisin’ in Carbondale |

Organizers laying down rules for cruisin’ in Carbondale

File photoA scene from one of the early Carbondale moonlight bike cruises, circa 2006. Organizers are setting some guidelines for future cruises after a few issues regarding open containers of alcohol and general rudeness cropped up.

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” Organizers of what’s become a popular monthly happening that brings scores of bicycle enthusiasts out for a cruise up and down Carbondale, Colorado streets beneath the light of the full moon are having to establish some cruiser guidelines.

Rhonda Roberts, an unofficial spokesperson for the group known as The StomParillaz, which began the cruiser rides about three years ago, acknowledged that a few “issues” arose during a particularly large Saturday night cruiser ride that was estimated at around 300 riders.

“It’s always been a pretty widely accepted event in town,” she said. “But I think that every once in a while there’s maybe too much alcohol involved.

“We want people to know that’s not the focus of the ride, and that it’s meant as a way to get out and see your friends, make new friends and have fun,” Roberts said.

The May 9 cruise was particularly big and lasted longer than usual, partly because of a number of events in town that day including Dandelion Day, the 5Point Film Festival and the Crystal Kayak Races.

“We love that so many people want to join in the fun,” she wrote in a letter to the editor of the (Glenwood Springs) Post Independent. “But we are disappointed that some participants of the ride got a little ‘out of hand’ and were disrespectful to the town as a whole.”

Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling said that, despite some instances of open containers of alcohol, riders blaring loud music from bike-mounted boom boxes and others blatantly obstructing traffic, no tickets were issued during the Saturday night cruise.

“There were a few who weren’t acting in an appropriate manner,” Schilling said, adding that one of the town’s police officers rode along during the Saturday cruise to observe things.

“We did get some complaints from citizens about noise, and from some motorists who couldn’t pass the bikes,” Schilling said. “We were more there to just monitor the situation.

“Ultimately, they need to police themselves, so we don’t end up having to ruin their fun just because a few people can’t follow the rules,” he said. “We don’t want to have to police it; it’s a good thing, and our hope is that we can resolve the problems within the group.”

Roberts’ letter includes a few ground rules the StomParillaz would like cruisers to follow, including:

– Don’t treat motorists or the cops disrespectfully.

– No open containers of alcohol, and any glass containers are discouraged.

– No littering.

– Refrain from using fireworks.

– Stay off private property.

– Limit noise, and try not to impact residential areas by lingering longer than necessary.

Roberts said the group wanted to get the word out this week, since a special moonlight cruise is planned for Friday night culminating Bonedale Bike Week.

All this week, bike commuters are being treated to free coffee between 7 and 9 a.m. at the corner of Fourth and Main in Carbondale.

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