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Our true Olympians

Don Rogers

Bode was a big dud, but Toby came through huge. Sarah is back from back surgery. And Lindsey, who crashed horribly on her back, showed the world how tough she is, too.The Vail contigent represented us, and the U.S., well. No talking about not caring, just a lot of grit. And was anyone more joyous than Dawson with his bronze? But Torino’s over now. Back to World Cups, slopestyles, X Games. And perhaps Vancouver in four years.Daron Rahlves will retire. Ted Ligety, all of 21, like Julia Mancuso, will get the chance to defend Olympic gold. Barring sickness or injury, of course.Maybe Miller will make it, too. Something will need to change in the lad’s habits as he ages, though. He’ll learn that brashness wears thin quickly when not backed up. Still, it’s probably too much to expect him to shut up and let his skiing do the speaking. Most likely his 15 minutes ended with DNF, however many commericals he does.But Dawson, that’s an entirely different tale. He swooped down his freestyle course and blew Jeremy Bloom away, right to the NFL. His exuberance was uplifting, truly Olympian, and gave this valley plenty to crow about. Schleper and Kildow didn’t medal. But their spirit was indominable. Schleper worked herself into contention from back surgery in November. Kildow did much the same after crashing horribly while practicing. No talk, They showed their commitment. Vail has a lot to be proud of.Vail, Colorado

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