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Our View

Don Rogers

A community cannot have enough discussion about public life and issues.

That’s why the Daily has focused on its commentary pages these past several years. And that’s why we’ve begun a new feature, Our View, this week.

It is similar to our other house editorials, only written by a little wider range of authors, who meet as a group as close to weekly as they can get and thrash out positions on local, state, national and even international issues and events.

This group is made up mostly of newsroom staff – editors, copy editors, writers – but also people from outside the newsroom.

If you are interested in participating in these conversations, give us a call at 949-0555, ext. 600, or shoot an e-mail to editor@vaildaily.com.

The aim of this and other opinion pieces on this page is to foster discussion in the community at large, and certainly in the reader forums offered in the Daily.

As the Daily has emphasized local commentary these past few years, the number of letters to the editor and Tipsline calls has steadily climbed. Often, the topic is something a reader agrees or disagrees with in the editorials, Quick Takes and local columns, as well as other letters and Tipslines. Now we have that good problem of too many letters and Tipslines to easily fit in the paper for extended stretches of issues. Well, we can never really have too many insights from you. We just have to find ways to make room for it all.

Commentary in general is where the pedal hits the metal with the First Amendment. To a truly remarkable degree, our country’s well being – at times its very existence – depends on the right and, frankly, responsibility of the citizenry to speak out.

The paper’s role with this hallowed concept of free speech is to provide forums for critical thought and to offer a variety of viewpoints for you to consider.

That it also is mostly a fun part of our job, and civic life, is just another benefit of newspapering in the Vail Valley.

The give and take that appears in these pages – even the cranky and sometimes “unfair” exchanges – is a big part of what makes this community healthy and vigorous.

Our hope is that this new feature adds meaningfully to the overall discussion.


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