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Overheard at the DNC: Unexpected comments from unexpected places

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DENVER, Colorado ” What do you get when you mix giant puppets with scraggly protesters with the high-wattage stars of the Democratic Party?

Some really weird vignettes, that’s what. Check back here frequently for updates on some of the funnier, more bizarre sights spotted by our corespondents throughout the week of the DNC:

Seen and heard

– Anarchist “reporter” buying water at Rite Aid on Stout and 16th: She pays with a credit card and when asked if she wants a receipt for her $1.49 purchase, replies: “Yeah, I’ll write it off my taxes.”

– News reporter at the Elitches press party: “This is the best convention press party ever, the one in New York in 2000 was so lame! Let’s ride the half-pipe again!”

– Homeless man on the corner of 9th and Lincoln holding a sign reading, “I’m one broke-ass Democrat.”

– La Boheme, a strip club downtown, has changed their marquee to read “The sexiest Democrats in town. Have you ever heard of a hot piece of elephant?”

– Seen: The Daily Show doing a feature on green ” earth-friendly, not moldy ” convention food.

– There are so many reporters at the Pepsi Center, they’ve started interviewing each other. Our own Rebecca Boyle was interviewed by a Swedish television station during a lull in the action.

– Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, is quoted in the Denver Post saying the GOP’s DNC headquarters is “the Ministry of Truth.” No clue if he knows that he’s referring to George Orwell’s 1984, or if he just didn’t understand it.

– Taking the direct approach, a peace protester being shouted down by an anti-gay activist with a portable microphone simply snipped the mike’s wire and ended the disruption; he was cited by police for destruction of property.

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