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Overplaying a story line?

Don Rogers

So we are reminded that resort profits actually are seven times greater than the company’s real estate profits, and the local execs insist that the Apollo group in New York has much less to say about Vail Resorts decisions than we newsies keep wanting to think. As mentioned, these points were just a part of correspondence on another subject, but the subject seemed worth mentioning here.

The press, sniffing blood in the corporate waters, does seem fascinated with the “Wall Street as puppeteer, real estate as savior to mature ski industry” story line. One fellow, Hal Clifford, got a book’s worth of this stuff, and the work is pretty interesting if overblown here and there when it comes to our fair valley. “Downhill Slide” is a local best seller at Lionshead’s Verbatim.

Intriguing story lines aside, it’s in the community’s best interest for the ski company’s to succeed at its core business. We can at least agree on that much. Otherwise we’re Steamboat, right? D.R.

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