Cindy Matthews

Kudos to Buddy Doll! His letter to the editor (April 19) regarding illegal aliens in our country has really struck a nerve with me and countless others. …

Our school systems are overwhelmed. My “challenged” child has been overlooked and struggling since second grade due to the attention our teachers must spend with the non-English speaking students. We’ve had to invest our own money for tutorial private education for which we pay!

Several years ago I was denied financial assistance for medical expenses for a serious illness which struck while in between insurance companies. I have lived and worked in this community for 20 years. I’ve contributed greatly, volunteering, supporting community events, fully paying all debts, etc. This was a one-time request. I cringed at the thought of my tax dollars going to those around me when I was refused.

In addition, the past five years I’ve been victim to two serious crimes – both of which have been proven to be illegal aliens.

Recently a local friend who has lived and worked in the valley for 30 years was forced to take his trade to Summit County, as he has been pushed out of positions locally.

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My children are reluctant to go to the public high school as they say they are the minority (born in Vail to legal U.S. residents born in the USA?) and are afraid of the “Mexican gangs” …

We used to enjoy living here, but now it has become a struggle against the masses. Let’s close our borders and open our hearts to those who belong here.

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