Paid parking is coming to Avon this winter, Town Council to discuss details Tuesday

Meant to discourage skier parking in Avon, most town-owned parking spaces will permit three hours of free parking

The town of Avon's new parking management plan will go into effect this winter, requiring mobile payments for parking over three hours in most town bays and lots.
Town of Avon/Courtesy Photo

The town of Avon is planning to begin charging for parking this winter. During the Avon Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26, council and the public will see the first reading of the new proposed parking ordinance.

The intentions behind the parking plan are to ensure Avon’s businesses are able to provide parking for their patrons, and to support residents and guests of Avon and Eagle County. The Avon Town Council first approved the decision to move forward with a parking management plan during its April 25 meeting. During the April meeting, concerns were specifically raised regarding skier abuse of Avon’s limited parking, making it difficult for non-skiers to find parking in the town.

Amy Phillips, town of Avon mayor, cited concern that skiers parking in Avon will not spend time in and contribute financially to Avon, instead using the town as an inexpensive and easy means to reach Beaver Creek resort. “It’s faster to park in Avon and take the skier shuttle than to park in the skier lot and take the official bus up,” Phillips said.

Phillips’ priority is to preserve parking near businesses in Avon. “I want to be able to have all the businesses have their patrons be able to park in front of their businesses if there is parking there,” she said.

Since the initial approval of a parking management plan in April, the Avon Police Department has readied for the implementation of paid parking this winter by hiring Avon’s first code enforcement officers, ordering a license plate reader, and implementing T2 paid parking technology.

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Under the proposed regulations, parking will be free for three hours, and $1 for each additional hour, with free parking after 5 p.m. but no overnight parking, in town-owned on-street parking bays on the following streets: East Benchmark Road, West Benchmark Road, Riverfront Lane, Lake Street, West Beaver Creek Boulevard and Mikaela Way.

Parking will be also be regulated in town-owned lots, with rules dependent on the use purpose of the lot. Parking in the Old Town Municipal Lot will remain free, with the intended use for local employees and those utilizing Harry A. Nottingham Park. The Avon Recreation Center parking lot will have three-hour free parking for patrons only, who will be required to obtain validation inside the recreation center. The North Parking Lot (Lot 16) will permit 10-minute drop-offs and three-hour free parking, with no opportunity to extend the time. During the school year, Avon Elementary School parking will be designated for school staff, parents and school business. During the summer, the Avon Elementary School parking will be free for three hours, and paid for each additional hour of parking. The Avon Town Hall parking lot will permit pick up and drop off for the kindergarten, as well as validation for town employees and others conducting business in Town Hall.

Those parked in violation of the new parking regulations will be cited in violation of established and posted paid parking regulations and served with a parking ticket and an initial fine of $35, to increase if the fine remains unpaid after 20 and 45 days. Avon’s two code enforcement officers will be ensuring parking rules are followed seven days per week, 8 a.m. through 5 p.m.

The first reading of the paid parking ordinance will take place at the Avon Town Council meeting on Sept. 26, with the second and final reading scheduled for the council meeting on Oct. 10 at the same time.

If approved, the parking regulations presented in the ordinance will go into place on Nov. 9. Signs will also be put up around Avon containing information about each location’s rules if the ordinance is passed.

This week’s Avon Town Council meeting will take place at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 26, in the Avon Town Council chambers in Avon Town Hall, and online on Zoom.

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