Painter Allen Lund visits Cogswell in Vail |

Painter Allen Lund visits Cogswell in Vail

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Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyArtist Allen Lund specializes in landscape paintings such as this one.

Borne at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, in Utah, artist Allen Lund has had a long-term love affair with painting and nature.

Lund will visit Cogswell Gallery in Vail on Dec. 29 and 30.

Both of Lund’s parents painted and when he was a young child, he familiarized himself with the brushes and palette knives that create the lovely landscapes.

His impressionistic paintings are inspired by his deep love for nature. Lund begins a painting either outside or using photographs.

“The piece then evolves into landscapes of the soul, where the relationship between man and nature takes a tactile and sensual expression,” said Simone Fodde Crotzer of Cogswell Gallery. “The emotional resonance is evident in the utter necessity for balance in the composition and use of colors.”

Highly atmospheric and elemental, Lund’s artwork depicts expansive skies and clouds, which are balanced by grounding fields.

The viewer stands in front of a window that gives access to nostalgic, untouched landscapes, Crotzer said. One is witnessing Native Americans, resting and living life harmoniously with nature. Lund’s work speaks of a time past when man had an intimate understanding of clouds, weather, herds and life was intimately intertwined with the microcosm surrounding it.

“The viewer moves away from a Lund’s landscapes feeling in awe and at one with earth and sky, water and fire, just as our forefathers felt when they became immersed in the western landscapes and lifestyle,” Crotzer said.

Not surprisingly, Lund said he is often very inspired by nature.

“Utah has the most beautiful and diversified landscapes I have seen,” Lund said. “Living here I am always thoroughly inspired.”

Lund will visit Cogswell Gallery Dec. 29 and 30 with a fresh collection of artwork. The Cogswell Gallery is located on Gore Creek Drive. For further information, call 970-476-1769.

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