Painter P. Eric Keys visit Artful Sol gallery in Vail |

Painter P. Eric Keys visit Artful Sol gallery in Vail

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/P. Eric Keys

Name: P. Eric Keys

Medium: Painting

Date and time of show: Today from 2 to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location of show: Artful Sol gallery, 183 Gore Creek Drive in Vail

More information: Call 970-476-1339

P. Eric Keys: Painting for me is all about inquiry and discovery. Whether it be internal or external, it is always about questioning and reevaluating life. Life is a mystery to me and painting lets me be a part of that mystery.

PK: My inspiration comes from so many things. Nature, dreams, people, sounds, my breathing, smells, eetc. But almost always inspiration comes to me when I least expect it, sort of like happiness and joy. I think it is when we finally surrender and give up “the search” that we get a glimpse of this creative spirit that is always present but for some reason or another is covered up and often forgotten. As far as my mood is concerned, it is most often in a very relaxed state of being. In bed. Sleeping or just waking. Many times it is when I am getting a massage or am in the bath tub.

I believe Einstein finally was able to actually manifest on paper what he always felt was true about relativity when he was sitting in the bath.

PK: I work with primarily oil paint on canvas. The reasons are for the most part out of my grasp. So I assume that this medium “chose” me. I feel it is symbolic, perhaps. Oil paint is very layered in so many ways. All of its many qualities seem to posses parallels for what I hold to be true and important in my life.

PK: I don’t feel I have a style as of yet. It certainly is not a goal of mine to have a “style.” It just comes on its own just from the act of doing. Even in the act of doing it may or may not come. If it comes, it comes. If not, that is OK also. I think so many of us are so focused on “the goal” because that is the way we are and were conditioned. The problem with being too goal oriented is that it takes you away from the present. And it is in the present where we can truly connect and be in the flow.

PK: If I were to meet an artist it most likely would be Van Gogh. It is cliche perhaps but talk about someone being possessed by passion. About being in the moment and being absolutely present. You can just feel it when viewing one of his paintings! He was in it. He was not separate in any way. He was totally submerged in the river of creativity. But he suffered tremendously and maybe if the two of us met he could have helped me in some ways and maybe I could have helped ease some of his pain ” somehow eased his pain so he could have painted for many years. To do what he loved to do. That’s what it’s about, is it not? Helping your fellow man and finding a way to do what we love.

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