Painter Yvonne Kozlina visits Beaver Creek gallery Saturday |

Painter Yvonne Kozlina visits Beaver Creek gallery Saturday

"Serenity," by Yvonne Kozlina.
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BEAVER CREEK — For Yvonne Kozlina, a great painting is more than the technical ability to mix colors and apply paint to a canvas.

Kozlina has been hailed as an artist who has all those talents — it is her passion for the wildlife and equine subjects she paints that sets her work above others of a similar genre.

Her heartfelt commitment to care for and protect the animals she paints comes through her brush and onto the canvas with energy and vibrant colors. Passion helps her paint more than form. For Kozlina, intangible, but very real qualities like vitality, mood and personality become part of the artwork.

Kozlina likes to use her art to create awareness and appreciation for her animal subject. She donates a portion of her art proceeds to causes that support animal welfare.

She has recently moved to Colorado from the East Coast, and Horton Fine Art will host her as she paints in the gallery Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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