Pairing eclectic elements with ancient accessories in Edwards |

Pairing eclectic elements with ancient accessories in Edwards

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado ” Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Sex and the City” teeters boldly where few fashionistas have gone before. Whether she is trotting out a new pair of Manolos, christening a newsboy cap or strutting around Paris in a hoop skirt, Carrie Bradshaw is a source of clothes envy for millions of trendy types.

It is no surprise, then, that the costumes in this summer’s “Sex and the City: The Movie” generated nearly as much gossip among women as the film itself. I mean, what were they supposed to discuss: The plot?

A necklace Carrie wears in Mexico was of particular interest to San Francisco’s Masha Archer.

The night the film debuted, Archer happened to be in Istanbul shopping for jewelry. She ducked into a small theater where the movie was playing in English with Turkish subtitles. Although Archer expected to see a few of her jewelry designs on screen (they had been well-received by a stylist friend on the set) she nearly passed out from excitement when she saw Carrie wearing a Masha Archer necklace during a beach scene.

“I was delirious,” Archer recalled.

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Carrie dons the necklace during an extended moping session in Mexico, where she goes to recuperate after Mr. Big flakes on their wedding. She is wearing the necklace while tossing her cell phone off a cliff. A bold string of quartz, vintage glass and turquoise baubles, the necklace captures Archer’s flair for uniting eclectic and often ancient elements.

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