Palestinian evil |

Palestinian evil

If, in a free and fair election, an overwhelming majority of a group of people voted for a party that advocated human slavery, what would you think of that electorate? Would you say that it was great that they exercised their democratic right to vote and that they deserved American support? Would you say that people who chose leaders favoring human slave trade should be excused for their choice, because those leaders were also in favor of clean government?

Or, to take another example, if a group of people chose as their leaders a party that demanded legalizing child prostitution, would you praise such people for exercising their democratic rights in a free and fair election? Would you excuse their choice of leaders favoring child prostitution because those same leaders also campaigned against fiscal corruption?

American support of the Palestinian Arabs who overwhelmingly voted for Hamas terrorists in their recent election is actually much worse than either of the above scenarios. Because pimps and slave owners have an interest, if only a financial one, in keeping their victims healthy and alive. But Hamas has publicly declared, and repeatedly demonstrated, that it wants all Jews, young and old, women and children, dead. Massacre and bloodshed are all that Hamas offers Jews and Israel. Their advocacy of “clean” government only means that they intend to achieve these murderous ends more efficiently than did the financially corrupt PLO.

The Palestinian Arabs who chose such evil people to be their leaders, in an internationally supervised free and fair election, have demonstrated how evil they themselves truly are. To offer “humanitarian” aid to such inhuman people is outrageous.

Arthur Kittay


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