Palm reader coming to Eagle’s Flight Days |

Palm reader coming to Eagle’s Flight Days

Vail Daily staff report
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado – The Eagle County Historical Society will host palm reader Gary Wickett on Saturday at the Flight Days celebration in the Eagle Town Park.

Wickett has been reading palms for eight years. He has learned to interpret the lines in people’s palms that tells them a little bit about themselves, and perhaps about where they are headed.

The major lines in the hand include the heartline, which reveals a person’s emotional life; the lifeline, which reveals people’s wiliness to embrace life; and the destiny line, which indicates where people have been, and maybe where they are going.

“The lines kind of tell the mystery of life,” Wickett said.

He’s an engineer by trade, and tends to expect everything to be factual. He says his palm readings tend to be about 70 percent accurate.

He once met a young woman in a restaurant who asked to have her palm read. He took a look, and told her that her mind wanted her to be creative and active and that her headline indicated a change in careers. A month later, the woman contacted him to say the palm reading had inspired her to enroll in a college program to study psychology.

“The Flight Days palm reading booth is for fun – and people might discover a little bit about themselves,” Wickett said.

The cost will be $4 for teens, and $8 for adults. Money raised will benefit the Historical Society.

Look for the palm reading tent in the Eagle Town Park, starting at 3 p.m. Saturday.


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