Pantless Gypsum man suspected of touching roommates |

Pantless Gypsum man suspected of touching roommates

Dustin Racioppi
Gypsum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado “-A Gypsum, Colorado man faces criminal charges after spending Dec. 17 mostly naked, drinking and touching new roommates ” one of which was still in diapers, according to a report from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The names in the report were withheld because of the ages. The report, however, described the following:

Deputies met the man that night at his home, where he stood in the kitchen, his lip split and ear bloodied, wearing nothing but a button-down shirt. He said he was roused from his sleep by one of his new roommates, who was punching him in the face.

But the other three roommates said that night was much different, and the man had the attack coming to him.

The sheriff’s report said that days before, the man, who works at a hotel in Vail, offered to share his place with a new co-worker and his family for $1,000 a month. Everything was fine once they moved in, but on the third day, the two men and an underage male went out to get diapers for the new roommate’s daughter. On the way back they stopped at a liquor store for tequila and beer.

When they arrived back home, the suspect and boy stayed in the car drinking. The man took his clothes off, the boy told deputies, which triggered him to head inside.

The suspect went inside a little while later and picked up the little girl who was staying with him and began lifting up her shirt. The boy saw this and ran into the kitchen and attacked the suspect. He told deputies he hit the man not only because he was being a pervert, but the man had mentioned to him earlier in the day he wanted to rape and tie her and somebody else up.

He also saw the suspect touching the girl’s backside and said the man tried to take inappropriate pictures earlier in the day. The boy added the two were drinking beer all day, and he thought the man was trying to get him drunk so he could take advantage of him.

Deputies searched the man’s bedroom, his car and his cell phone. There were pictures on the phone, but none that were incriminating. In the bedroom there was only a pile of clothes, some Mexican port and a pornographic movie in the DVD player. And in the car were his clothes and the empty Tequila and beer bottles.

The man was taken to Eagle County Detention Facility and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and indecent exposure.

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