Parenting campaign begins in Vail Valley |

Parenting campaign begins in Vail Valley

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – The Eagle River Youth Coalition is launching a parenting campaign in the Vail Valley after conducting surveys and focus groups.

This campaign compliments the youth coalition’s surveys of high school student behavior.

“We want parents in our valley to know how other parents feel and act regarding things like setting a curfew and talking to their kids about not riding with someone who has been drinking,” said Cristina Gair, the youth coalition’s executive director.

The parenting survey revealed that many parents do not believe that other parents engage in positive parenting behaviors, Gair said.

The campaign seeks to clear this misperception by showing parents other parents’ positive behavior, Gair said.

The campaign’s message include the survey’s findings that in Eagle County:

• 97% of parents know where their kids are.

• 96% of parents do not allow their kids and their friends to drink alcohol in their home.

• 88% of parents have set a curfew for their kids.

• 92% of parents talk to their kids about not riding with a driver who has been drinking alcohol.

• 95% of parents talk to their kids about wearing a seat belt.

“Parents want to know they have support in setting boundaries and making tough choices for their kids. This campaign is an important opportunity to support positive parenting,” said Mike Gass, assistant superintendent of Eagle County schools.

To learn more about the Parenting Norms Campaign, contact Karen Koenemann, 970-949-9250 or visit

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