Parents’ cold sacrifices |

Parents’ cold sacrifices

Don Rogers

Listen, it’s tough, tough duty being a parent sometimes.Take Wednesday night in Eagle. Had to be below zero by 6 p.m., when the parade passed through downtown Eagle.The middle school bands worked their “Frosty the Snowman” renditions with military marching ardor, if not precision. And the high school band broke out the marching band regalia – brrrr! – while their instruments froze before the end of the parade.One band of preschool stars – the kids were each wearing one – braved the elements and hardly seemed to notice the colder than cold temperatures as they took their turn in front of a good-sized crowd, thoroughly enjoying the moment.Meantime, parents who couldn’t feel their noses, hands or feet cheered on the various groups and looked on with pure envy at a group of people sitting around a self-contained fire on a trailer as it was pulled along Broadway. Now that’s the way to participate in Christmas on Broadway.Santa was there, of course, and the Children’s Chorale performed before an adoring audience of freezing parents after the parade.Most folks figured this would be a great time to check out the goods in the Nearly Everything Store. If they got some semblance of feeling back in their limbs, so much the better.Sometime after college, the little darlings will have some understanding of their patents’ various and sundry sacrifices to see them through childhood.The gantlet of concerts, plays, Christmas shows, youth sports, cotillion graduation, Scout ceremonies and such. Well, as our parents told us. The best revenge is for them to become parents themselves. Ah, then they’ll see. D.R.Vail, Colorado

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