Parents plead guilty in Avon baby death |

Parents plead guilty in Avon baby death

Patrick Williams pleaded guilty this week to child abuse resulting in death, in connection with the death of his infant daughter, 4 month old Paris Bell Williams. He'll be sentenced August 17.
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EAGLE – The parents of a baby who medical experts said died of extreme neglect are both headed to prison.

Lossie Thomas, 25, and Patrick Williams, 32, both pleaded guilty to a series of felonies in connection with the death of their infant daughter, Paris Bell Williams. The baby died June 8, 2015 at the couple’s apartment in Avon. She was four months old. Thomas and Williams have been in the Eagle County jail ever since.

Last week, District Court Judge Paul Dunkelman sentenced Thomas to seven years in state prison, and five years probation following her release. She pleaded guilty to a felony charge of child abuse resulting in death.

Williams’ trial was scheduled to begin this week. However, he pleaded guilty to child abuse causing death and will be sentenced Aug. 17. He faces between eight and 24 years in state prison.

During their preliminary hearing, Dr. Robert A. Kurtzman, who performed the autopsy on the child, said Paris died from pneumonia. Kurtzman said the baby had symptoms that were “obvious to any caregiver,” saying the child was neglected.

The baby did not look like it was physically abused, in terms of being shaken or hit, Kurtzman said. However, it was underweight, dehydrated, suffered from staph and E. coli infections and suffered sores on its body. It takes “days” to reach this level of dehydration, Kurtzman said.

The sores on her legs would take days to develop, Kurtzman said, and had not been cleaned or dressed.

The respiratory symptoms she developed would make it difficult to breathe, and would take days to weeks to happen, Kurtzman said.

During the investigation, Deputy Coroner Benjamin Loinscott was called to Thomas’ and Williams’ apartment and said it was “almost total squalor.” He said the first thing that he noticed was the stale air, the overpowering smell and that he had trouble breathing.

Williams and Thomas have three surviving children who are currently in child protective services. The youngest was born while Thomas was in the Eagle County jail.

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