Parents protest use of Tasers on youths |

Parents protest use of Tasers on youths

Allen Best

CANMORE, Alberta – Canmore police are being criticized after they used a Taser to quell a noisy party where drunks were reportedly running in the streets. One 17-year-old male was twice hit with 50,000 volts of electricity from Tasers. During this time he kicked in the window of a police car.The Rocky Mountain Outlook reports that some community members, including one town councilor, say police are out of line. But Sgt. Don Cohn said parents are often unaware of the aggression and violence their kids can exhibit when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. “Many people say, ‘That’s my child, and it’s out of character for them,’ but haven’t seen their children on cocaine, or Ecastcy, or any of the other drugs that are around now,” Cohn said. Another town councilor, whose son was at the party in question, said most young people believe that police use a heavy-handed approach. In turn, police say they are disrespected by the youths, who call the officers “pigs.”Breast feeding debated at resortJACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – Of all the places to have a controversy about public breast-feeding, Jackson Hole would be the most unlikely. After all, the local mountain range, which itinerant French fur trappers named the Tetons, can roughly be translated into English as “breasts.”Yet simmering in the letters section of the Jackson Hole News & Guide is a disagreement about whether mothers should nurse their babies in public. One indignant woman wrote to announce that she had been informed she could not breast feed her child on the deck of the swimming pool at a recreation center.In response, one couple wants an official county policy ensuring protection of nursing mothers against harassment. Asked another woman: “When will our society recognize the difference between a natural act and indecency?” Breast feeding is natural, agreed another woman, but she argued that “so is modesty and respect of others. If you must breast feed in public, cover your shoulder and baby and breast with a blanket like I always did when caught in public. Nobody … wants to see you.”

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