Parking, partying problems at apartments |

Parking, partying problems at apartments

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyJeremy Gisler, a Buffalo Ridge II resident, parks his car at Finnigan's Wake and catches a bus to it when he needs to, he said.

AVON ” An orange poster displaying a beer pong tournament bracket shows that Jeremy Gisler and his roommates like to party ” a lot.

“We probably make the most noise in here,” said Gisler, a 25-year-old self-described ski bum.

Gisler likes living at Buffalo Ridge II, which along with Buffalo Ridge I, had the most calls to police for noise and parking complaints last year in Avon.

Some Vail and Avon affordable housing complexes full of seasonal workers attract the most crime, police and property managers say.

Yet residents put up with the vice for the good location and affordability, they say.

Gisler pays $580 in rent each month, but he parks his car in front of Finnegan’s Wake miles away because his roommates take the two allotted spots at Buffalo Ridge, he said.

He takes the bus to work, he said.

Plenty of 16-year-old Amber Moe’s friends’ cars have been burglarized at Buffalo Ridge II, she said.

Her neighbors blast techno music above the apartment where she and her mom live, she said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it for families and stuff,” she said.

Parking is so sparse, police have asked her boyfriend Steven Leake, 17, three times to stop parking in handicapped spots in the lot, he said.

Residents complain about noise at Buffalo I because mostly seasonal workers live there, said Ralph Parks, district manager for Corum Real Estate.

“Seasonal people come in and they don’t particularly care about the people around them,” Parks said. “They just want to have fun.”

Buffalo Ridge I and II have parking problems because the town of Avon planned too few parking spaces per home, he said.

Fewer crimes are reported in Vail apartment buildings than those in Avon. For example, in the 12 apartment and condominium buildings where the most crimes occurred, 25 thefts were reported in 2006, according to Vail police.

Timber Ridge and Middle Creek reported 42 and 28 crimes, significantly higher than other buildings, Vail police said.

Crime is high at Timber Ridge and cops patrol the buildings frequently, said Marino Zufic, resident and Vail ski instructor.

Despite his loud neighbors, Zufic likes that it’s close to Vail, and will try to move to a different, reportedly quieter building at Timber Ridge next time, he said.

Seasonal workers drive the high number of crimes reported at Timber Ridge and Middle Creek, said Commander Susan Douglas of the Vail Police Department.

The workers generally prey on each other because they struggle to make a living, she said.

Seasonal workers tend to party more, so alcohol-related crimes occur frequently, she said.

With some people, it’s a matter of perception.

Pavel Mihaylov, 33, has never heard of any crime at Timber Ridge and he likes living there, he said.

“Apart from getting drunk, it’s nothing serious,” he said.

Vail police responded to private parking complaints at Interlochen, Pitkin Creek, Sun Vail and Meadow Creek in 2006, Douglas said. No one called about Middle Creek or Timber Ridge, she said.

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