Parking woes at Vail Valley apartment complex |

Parking woes at Vail Valley apartment complex

Henry Vigil
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hello my name is Henry and I had a Parking incident that happened at the Buffalo Ridge apartments that I would like to share with you because it was so messed up.

I went to pick up a friend that lived there in the morning around 8:30 -9 a.m., when most people are off the work or taking there kids to school. I parked in one of the spots there in front of Building 3 for about 20-25 minutes of course not thinking that anything is going to happen and plenty of other parking spots open for the tenents.

When I came out I had a boot on my car, so I walked in the leasing office to talk to them. When I got inside, the girl that was working there was a friend from high school, so I thought she would be cool with the situation, but she wasn’t.

She fined me $100 and told me if I didn’t pay it that day they would tow it and that would be at my expense, as well, and the payment had to be in a money order form, no other way.

So I’m waiting outside for another friend to come pick me up to go get a money order. As I’m waiting outside their maintence guy has a friend that pulls up and parks in an open spot like I did. When before when I was inside talking to her, she told me they didn’t have guest parking and that she couldn’t have people come see her because they didn’t have guest parking.

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So I asked her what are people suposed to do if they have friends or family come over or even stay over. Her response was they would have to park at Wal-Mart and get picked up there or park at a trail head parking area 30 yards away and walk to their apartment.

Now tell me how messed up is that? So to anyone going to Buffalo Ridge, don’t leave your car parked in one of their spots you will get a boot!

Henry Vigil


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