Parting shots at the liberals |

Parting shots at the liberals

Michael Cacioppo

Frankly, I just don’t want to write for a while. So, when I feel like writing again, I will. Anyway, I appreciate your readership, especially from the haters of my column. So, enjoy my last one ” until I write the next one.

I’ve been in Kansas off and on this summer, enjoying the last of conservatism in this state that, like Colorado, is becoming more and more liberal. Kansas now boasts a liberal Governor, and in its largest county, a liberal congressman.

Of course, the Kansas City Star and the Overland Park Sun newspapers are extremely liberal. It is sad to read their “news” columns, as though they are factual, and watch the population move left, based on all the lies.

Why do liberals put their God in cages? I have read liberal columns about the liberal allegation of religion as “myth,” and the liberal allegation that God, the creator, is “fantasy.”

Usually, these columns are written by people who have not attended any of the creationism seminars.

I recently attended a creationism seminar in Kansas and learned that the Left, according to alleged emails discovered, simply wants to discredit creationism and paint its leaders as kooks, rather than respond to their claims. This is shades of “kill the messenger,” rather than engage in the debate.

Liberal newspapers are the witting accomplices to suppress the debate. The lawyer and the professor who put on the Kansas seminar discussed how professors at some universities cannot even discuss the issue of creationism, without fear of being fired. Why should our tax dollars pay for only the un-Godly point of view being taught to our children?

Me thinks the First Amendment has been warped by the liberal courts who have suppressed free speech rights. What are liberals afraid of? Oh yeah, my opinion on creationism? Men, the next time you look at the beauty of a woman, think to yourself, “created by God, or created by monkey?”

And, if God did not create women, then why haven’t the rest of our “Planet of the Apes” evolved with us? One more thing, Christians elevate their creator to worship Him. Why do liberals cage their creators in zoos? That’s very disrespectful, don’t you think? Oh, that’s right. If you are liberal, you don’t think. Or, at best, you let other liberals think for you – even the ones who write columns and don’t attend seminars.

Speaking of the liberal Kansas City Star, they didn’t even bother to cover a speech by former liberal, now turned conservative, David Horowitz, at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

We used to affectionately call this school “mucous,” after the acronym MUKC. The liberal “snot” term seems to still fit. Horowitz is trying to pass an “Academic Bill of Rights” in the Missoura (sic) Legislature, to ensure that students get exposure to conservative speakers.

Usually, students just get the steady liberal diet of Molly Ivans, Michael Moore, et. al. Horowitz spoke a few miles from theStar’s offices, and not a single Star “reporter” bothered to cover it. It’s probably for the best.

After all, from what I read in the Star, it’s doubtful that Horowitz’s comments would be reported about how unfair many universities are in attempting to deny Horowitz, or his ilk, to speak to students, since they offer a different point of view, other than the usual liberal pap.

“Mucous” seems no different than our own University of Colorado, that un-invited Horowitz, after he was originally booked to speak in Boulder. Horowitz claims that many universities are “political institutions, controlled by the Democrat Party.” Who can argue with that? Horowitz also said that “the Left is driven by hate. They are the hate movement: hatred of the Right, hatred of Christians, hatred of America, hatred of straight people.”

Horowitz also claimed that most “school boards and city councils are controlled by Democrats.” Who can argue with that? Horowitz also said that demagogues like Al Sharpton are treated like statesmen – kill the Jew, get the whitey.”

While in Kansas City, I have run into Marines on leave, who tell me that they think the Iraq War is worth fighting. They are upset that the liberal press has suppressed all the good things the Marines say are happening in Iraq, such as schools getting built and rebuilt,

democracy taking effect, etc. One Marine told me that “the Iraqi people are good people. They appreciate what we are doing there.” He also said that he’s sure there are “weapons of mass destruction hidden in the sand.” Unlike many liberals, he is aware that Saddam had them before. He had knowledge of the Russian Mig jets buried in the sand near the Tikrit Airfield, in which, to my knowledge, in America, only my Speakout! newspaper ran a picture of the American military digging out the jets, with a cutline below asking, “Just how easy is it to hide weapons of mass destruction?”

Why don’t we read or hear more about this side of the war from the liberal media?

I recently viewed the “Capote” movie about the late author, liberal Truman Capote, who many claimed was one of America’s great writers. The movie shows the elitist, Capote, heading off to “country-bumpkin” Kansas to write a book about the cold-blooded murders of the Herbert Clutter family, in which murderers Perry Smith and Richard Hitchcock scored 40 bucks in the robbery.

Liberal Capote, who like most liberals, believes “the ends justifies the means,” actually held Smith and Hitchcock in “high esteem.” Imagine that, cold-blooded killers held in high esteem. Only a liberal could do that. Liberal Capote then wanted to spare the killers the death penalty. So, Capote helped them hire a lawyer, who helped save them from the dying, for about four years. Capote, who used the killers for his own monetary gain, was shown lying to them after someone leaked to the killers that Capote’s book was called, “In Cold Blood.”

Capote lied by denying that was the actual title to his book. The irony of the movie is that the liberal, Capote, who originally wanted the murderers to not die, became depressed the longer the killers stayed alive, because (here comes that liberal word) “closure” was needed to finalize his book and get it to press.

I loved this movie. What a great depiction of liberalism!

And finally, should I sue the local cemetery district? Over the years, I have paid taxes into the district. I called them a few years back to reserve my spot in the Minturn Cemetery.

I was told that I could only get a grave site after I died, because of limited space. While I realize that my liberal friends would like me to take the district up on their offer by dying as soon as possible, I would rather reserve the site in advance, to assure that a site will be available, when needed.

You see, I do plan on dying in the future (no, not the near future). Otherwise, why did I pay taxes for this?

So long ” for now.

Michael Cacioppo, a former radio talk show host and newspaper publisher, is managing director of, LLC, a local travel planning consultant on vacations to Mexico. He can be reached at 970-280-5555, or by email at

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