Parts of Avon may experience discolored water |

Parts of Avon may experience discolored water

Daily staff report

AVON — Water in the public water system may be cloudy or slightly discolored starting after 9 a.m. today in certain areas of Avon due to pre-work for the Basecamp development. That work will extend a water main to the public water distribution system. Water service should continue uninterrupted to the affected area and water will remain safe to drink.

The Basecamp development is being constructed on the northeast corner of Avon Road and U.S. Highway 6. The possible temporary change in water service will occur in a nearby area bound by West Beaver Creek Boulevard on the north, Avon Road on the east, Lake Street on the west and south to the Eagle River – including the Avon municipal complex.

Buildings in the area include:

• Alpine Bank.

• Avon Center.

• Avon Public Library.

• Avon Recreation Center.

• Avon Town Hall.

• Avon Fire Station.

• The Seasons.

• The Sheraton.

• The Westin.

• The White River Center.

• The Wyndham.

In order to connect the development to the public water system and maintain water service at all potentially affected properties, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District is making operational changes in the water distribution system that will reverse the flow of water in an area near the Basecamp property. The flow reversal is expected to stir up sediment that may temporarily cause discolored water in some properties and will also likely cause cloudy water due to air in the system.

District staff will flush fire hydrants in the area starting at 9 a.m. to minimize the effect to customers but nearby properties may temporarily experience low water pressure due to flushing operations.

Fire hydrant flushing will cause water to flow onto streets and into storm drains or drainage ditches. Drivers and bicyclists should be aware of possible wet roads and use caution in the area.

The flow reversal may take an hour or two, at which time water pressure, color, and appearance will return to normal — likely by 11:30 a.m.

Buildings that are outside of the expected affected area, such as Nottingham Station or the west end of Eagle Bend, are encouraged to contact the district’s customer service department if they experience a change in water service during this time.

Once the property is connected, the flow will need to be reversed to the original flow direction, which may occur Thursday afternoon or Friday, so water may again be cloudy or discolored for a few hours on that day.

For additional information, go to or call 970-477-5451.

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