Party grooves and dancing shoes |

Party grooves and dancing shoes

by Wren Wertin

Flux has changed its tune. In fact, it’s changed more than that. The funksters perform for Live! in Minturn today at The Saloon at 9 p.m. Proceeds from the door go to the Minturn Community Fund.

The band’s lineup has been tweaked. Rhythmic brothers Jeff LaMascus (bass) and Dave Nichols (drums) keep the others in line – guitarist Matt Cheek, B-3 man Barry Nease and tenor saxophonist Dave Laub. Together, the group dishes out some heavy, hard-driving funk and in-your-pocket grooves that put the boogie on the floor.

“This is definitely the best spot we’ve been in so far,” said Laub about the Flux’s newest incarnation.

Though a working entity for 18 months, he finally feels they’ve hit on the right combination of players. Nichols used to play with the bluesy Tommy Shreve, while Nease has a long list of studio musician/arranger credits. Laub provides a jazz background, while Cheek has a heap of Nashville guitar work under his hat. LaMascus comes from a New Orleans-style funk background. And that’s Flux.

“We all have different roles,” said Laub, “but it works very well. Nobody is trying to outshine the others. We’re all focusing on the same goal, which is very necessary. And we all get along, too.”

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They’ve recently given the axe to vocals.

“To be playing in an instrumental funk band has always been a goal of mine,” said front man Laub. “Most bands that have vocals need vocals. But this is something we’ve needed to do for a while.”

According to the sax man, getting rid of vocals doesn’t significantly change the music, though it does relax their boundaries.

“The layering is completely up to you,” he said. “You’re still looking for the melody, but you don’t have to match the lyrical message with the music.”

They share composition duties. While sometimes one or the other will show up with a new song with specific parts broken out for each instrument, other times it’s more of a collaboration.

They’ll be taking a little time off to concentrate on the Colorado market before branching out across the country. When they played The Saloon for last year’s Live! in Minturn concert, it was packed.

“We’ve all been looking forward to this,” said Laub. “We’re ready to throw down a big party.”

Since they come with colored lights and a bigger sound, they should do just that.

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Live! in Minturn

what: Flux

when: Today, 9 p.m.

where The Saloon, Minturn

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