Passed out driver gets ‘sternum rub’ |

Passed out driver gets ‘sternum rub’

J.K. Perry

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.WOLCOTT – A man driving a pickup and attached trailer passed out drunk early Nov. 18 while parked partially on Interstate 70 and partially on the shoulder near Wolcott, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.A deputy knocked on the window, but got no response. He opened the door and smelled alcohol, then tried to shake the man and again got no response.The deputy gave the man a “sternum rub,” a painful way to rouse someone. The man awoke and the deputy asked his name. The man told the deputy he didn’t need to know and then passed out. The deputy again woke the man and asked where he was or where he was going.The man mumbled a series of barely coherent statements:• He was in his parking spot so the deputy had no reason to talk to him;• He came from a bar in Vail and was going home;• He didn’t celebrate his birthday, so he doesn’t have one;• He told the deputy to go away and leave him alone;• He parked in the road because the deputy instructed him to pull over;• He gave his name, then said the deputy didn’t need to know it;• He again asked to be left alone, this time because he was watching television inside his house.The man put the car in neutral and tried to drive away. The deputy turned off the truck and grabbed the keys, but they stuck in the ignition.The deputy asked a tow-truck driver to distract the man so he could put the car in park and grab the keys, which he successfully accomplished. Still, the man tried several times to start the truck and even attempted to pull out wires from under the dash, presumably to hot-wire the truck.The deputy arrested the man for driving drunk.Channeling Chris FarleyGYPSUM – A teenager got a ticket rather than a motivational speech while smoking pot in a van down by the river, according to a Sheriff’s report.A deputy discovered the company van along the river in Gypsum on Nov. 19. The deputy saw smoke and the teenager stash something in his pocket. The deputy found a bag of marijuana and a pipe in the teenager’s pocket.The teenager admitted smoking while his passenger initially denied doing drugs, but he later fessed up. The deputy got consent to search the van and he found a bottle of vodka. He asked the teenager if the items in the van belonged to him. The teenager said some items belonged to him and some to his employers. He denied knowledge of the vodka.”It’s not mine, but it’s in my car, so I’m sure you’re going to charge me with it,” the teenager said.The teenager refused to disclose the bottle’s owner. The deputy arrested the teenager for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.The deputy called the passenger’s mother and asked if her son could do community service to avoid a ticket. The mother agreed and the passenger cleaned a garbage-bag’s worth of trash near the van.You know, giving him the birdAVON – A driver flipped off a deputy for following him too closely in an Avon roundabout Nov. 18, according to a Sheriff’s report.The deputy entered the Highway 6 and William Post Boulevard roundabout in the right lane and the driver pulled in front, cutting off the deputy. The deputy flashed his headlights to let the driver know he was there and the driver gave him the finger.The deputy pulled over the driver, who felt the deputy had followed too close. The deputy found the girl passenger had a restraining order against the driver and arrested the driver for violating the order.Bus driver gets clockedAVON – A disgruntled and drunk bus passenger punched a bus driver Nov. 17 when the driver refused to stop at Aspens trailer park before Wal-Mart, according to an Avon police report.The passenger entered the bus at the Avon Center and demanded the driver take him to Aspens first. The driver refused and turned onto East Benchmark Road, where the passenger began yelling and cursing at the driver, who stopped and called police.The passenger again yelled at the man and punched him in the head.Police arrested the man for third-degree assault, endangering public transportation and disorderly conduct. The man declared to an officer “I told that (bad word) driver to take me to the trailer park and I’m only getting arrested for getting on the wrong bus.”The man vomited in the police car while riding to the Eagle County jail.At jail, the man told a deputy “I told that bus driver to drop me off at the trailer park and he didn’t, so I smacked him one.”‘Little crazy when she drinks’AVON – An ornery woman involved in an argument with her boyfriend Nov. 16 kicked an Avon police officer in the head when police tried to arrest her, according to an Avon police report.A witness saw the two arguing outside the Seasons building. When police arrived, the woman denied the argument and hitting her boyfriend.The boyfriend told police the two were drinking and went to the Brass Parrot, where the owner turned the woman away because she was drunk. The boyfriend still went inside, leaving her outside. The woman got mad when her boyfriend came out.”She gets a little crazy when she drinks,” the boyfriend said.The woman slapped her boyfriend, but didn’t hurt him, the boyfriend told police.An officer tried to handcuff the woman for domestic violence and she resisted. Two officers wrestled the woman to the ground, where she kicked a female officer in the head, causing minor injuries.The woman also kicked another officer in the arm.The police managed to handcuff the woman and place her in a patrol car. She tried to kick out the window. The police arrested her for domestic violence, second-degree assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct.Meanwhile, an officer was driving the boyfriend home when he got a call from another cop, who said the Brass Parrot owner saw the boyfriend grab the woman’s hair and slap her. The officer arrested the boyfriend for harassment and domestic violence.Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 748-2928 or Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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