Pastatively in Eagle is expanding |

Pastatively in Eagle is expanding

Derek Franz
Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado
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EAGLE, Colorado – Pastatively – the cozy Italian restaurant at 94 Market St. in Eagle – is almost al dente.

That is to say, the restaurant is expanding and its new space will open mid-May. Meanwhile, chef-owner Roberto Cammarota and his staff will continue to serve patrons in the original space.

As he worked a table saw, Cammarota described the project as “internal diversification.”

“In any business, you have to have storage space, which doesn’t make money,” he said.

To remedy that, Cammarota plans to create an Italian grocery store and deli in the new room. That way, the restaurant will have storage space for its food and products, which will also be sold to customers. The extra tables for the restaurant will be nice as well.

Currently, Pastatively only has 35 seats. With the new room, there will be about 60.

“It was tough when a large group would come in and we couldn’t seat them because the restaurant was too full,” Cammarota said. “So it will be nice to be able to accommodate those big groups.”

The “salumeria” – Italian for “grocery-store deli” – will bring a little bit more of Italy to Eagle, said Cammarota, who hails from the Italian section of Boston.

The Salumeria, as it will be called, will serve breakfasts such as fritattas and coffee, and lunches that include sub sandwiches.

“If you want a bagel, don’t come here,” Cammarota said.

Zack’s Mountain Deli previously operated in the space that is being renovated. Cammarota had to knock down a wall and take out a utility closet to make the two places into one.

“Now our customers won’t have to go outside and walk around to get to the bathroom,” he said.

For now, a plastic curtain separates the old space from the new. Eventually a new bar will go into the other room as well, replacing the old one, which Cammarota described as a “knee banger.”

“We’ve been very fortunate that our customers have been so loyal,” Cammarota said. “In only six short years, we’ve had people who got engaged at our restaurant and now they come back with their kids.”

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