Pastors share Christmas messages |

Pastors share Christmas messages

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Christmas is a holiday about joy, hope and of course, Jesus.

Pastors throughout the valley spent Christmas Eve sharing their Christmas messages with their respective congregations and plan to continue those messages throughout the weekend with stories of hope, sacrifice, peace, joy and journey. Behind each one of their messages is the story of Jesus and God, for without that story, Christmas is “just another day to shop,” said Trinity Church Pastor Ethan Moore.

Here are some of the messages pastors are sharing this weekend throughout the valley:

Pastor Ethan Moore, Trinity Church

The basic theme of Pastor Ethan Moore’s messages throughout this Christmas season is that God is with us all through the miracle of Christ, he said.

Christmas is about real hope, he said, and even in time of great difficulty – and especially in those times – Moore said people experience the hope, peace, joy and love through God.

“We can do our best to come up with it on our own, but ultimately we fail at it,” Moore said. “(God) is a source of hope that’s beyond us. It’s authentic, real, unshakable hope, peace, joy and love – that’s the message of Christmas.”

Pastor Rob Wilson, Eagle River Presbyterian Church

Pastor Rob Wilson is preaching a sermon called “treasuring and pondering” in honor of Christmas this year. His message will focus on the promise of Jesus Christ.

“That although the power of darkness seems so often to reign in our world, the power of our sin, the power of our addictions, the power of our dark conflict with others, the power of our dark separation from God and the power of death, are overcome,” according to Wilson’s sermon. “And now by giving our allegiance in this life to the power of life and of light, and by giving our allegiance to the ‘Child born unto us’, we can live in freedom.”

Wilson said that no matter where people look, they will see grace. He said this year’s message will allow people to experience the healing power of grace that is offered through a relationship with the Christ child.

Pastor Scott Beebe, Mount of the Holy Cross Lutheran

People come to Christmas with all kinds of expectations, said Pastor Scott Beebe, that sometimes people are blinded by what they’re expecting to see and they fail to see what’s standing right in front of them.

That’s the message Beebe is sharing this year with his congregation – that God is there, standing right in front of them.

“I think God is all about us, and is constantly seeking to bring people together,” Beebe said. “The heart of the Biblical message is a God who wants to erase lines in the sand and bring people together. It’s all about community.”

Pastor Craig Smith, The Vail Church

The Vail Church has been in a sermon series this December called “Less Presents, More Presence,” which is essentially about enjoying and experiencing the presence of God this holiday season, Pastor Craig Smith said.

Jesus Christ is someone who has changed human history and ultimately millions of people’s personal histories and future destinies, Smith said.

“We have all benefited, so today we celebrate the person and work of Jesus,” Smith said. “No one else has made such a difference for all – for rich and poor, young and old, for black and white, for simple and wise – as Jesus.”

Pastor Tim Wilbanks, Covenant Presbyterian Church

Sunday’s message at the Covenant Presbyterian Church will be about “living Christmas,” said Pastor Tim Wilbanks.

“It’s not just one day a year, but every day,” he said. “It’s about hoping that we live in the peace and in the hope and in the joy that is Christmas.”

Wilbanks’ message this holiday season focuses on the beauty of the relationship with God, that it’s not a list of rules and regulations that people must follow, but a relationship where people “joyfully come together” and live with an expectancy of God being with them.

“The season is about what God has done for mankind,” Wilbanks said. “The beauty of that is that it’s not limited to any particular time or season. God wants us to live in that freedom and celebration every day.”

Pastor Tommy Schneider, Calvary Chapel

Pastor Tommy Schneider is sharing the message of the journey that is seen in Christmas. He’s sharing stories of the wise men and their journey, as well as the story of man’s journey throughout history to find peace.

That destination of peace is ultimately found through believing, Schneider said.

“We are all making these journeys to get some sort of peace,” Schneider said. “Ultimately the only peace is through Christ.”

Pastor Jason Haynes, Gracious Savior Lutheran Church

The theme at Gracious Savior Lutheran Church this season is that it’s a messy Christmas, Pastor Jason Haynes said.

“The main concept is that our lives get messy through mistakes, stress and sin, and that Christ comes in a messy way into our messy lives to give us forgiveness, joy and peace,” Haynes said.

The message of Christmas is and will always be about Jesus, but it’s applied in different ways depending on the needs people have each year.

“Jesus is so cool that he just reaches across races, ethnicities and nationalities,” Haynes said. “He applies to all of us – he’s just that cool.”

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