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Pay-as-you-use energy

Auden Schendler
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Earth Day, Gov. Bill Ritter signed a bill allowing rural electric co-ops such as Holy Cross to create “tiered rates” for residential electricity customers. This means that utilities can structure bills so that you pay more as you use more, creating incentives for homeowners to conserve, making renewable-energy systems more financially attractive and generally moving whole communities in a more climate-friendly direction.

Aspen has such a system in place today. (For most average customers, a tiered rate won’t have any effect because those customers fall into the lowest rate category.)

This legislation would not have existed without the Sopris Foundation and Piper Foster, who convened experts and stakeholders to discuss the idea; Holy Cross Energy and CEO Del Worley, who stuck his neck out to support the bill; state Sen. Gail Schwartz and Rep. Kathleen Curry, who co-sponsored it; and Anson Fogel, of In Power Systems, who has been hammering on this issue for years.

Next comes the hard work of designing rate structures that are fair and encourage efficiency. Let’s go!

Auden Schendler

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