Peace and war |

Peace and war

Paul Kuzniar
Vail, CO, Colorado

At home, we live in peace; abroad, we are at war.

At home, what war? Abroad, hundreds die.

At home, family and friends bond; abroad, insurgents kill .

At home, fields of fun (vacation, picnics, NFL, NASCAR, golf); abroad, killing fields.

At home, sports injuries are common; abroad, lost limbs are devastating.

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At home, sweet dreams; abroad, post-traumatic stress disorder.

At home, we cherish the right to bear arms; abroad, improvised explosive devices kill.

Abroad, the 1,000th American soldier died in September 2004.

Abroad, the 3,000th American soldier died on the last day of 2006.

Abroad, as of April 10, 2010, casualties total 4,405 in Iraq, 1,116 in Afghanistan.

There are two ways to end the war: Impose a one-time 5 percent tax on every citizen with proceeds used exclusively to win the war, nothing else; second, draft every man and woman between the ages of 18-25. This will stop the war, bring on peace and bring the troops home.

Of course, this will never happen. So the war will continue, silently killing. Vietnam redux.

Paul Kuzniar


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