Peacemakers to give talk in Vail |

Peacemakers to give talk in Vail

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL – How do you build a community that’s peaceful – it’s a question that Vail Symposium speakers in tonight’s Rethinking Peace program will try to answer.

The program, which focuses on how women in the world are making a difference in accomplishing peace, features experts on the subject like Dr. Karumbu Ringera, the founder and executive director of International Peace Initiatives.

Col. Ann Wright, a speaker who spent more than 40 years working in the U.S. military and government, said she hopes the program will bring Vail some insight into both peace efforts and efforts that have hurt peace.

“It’s very important that we look at what America is (in terms of peace),” Wright said. “We, as Americans, consider ourselves people of peace, but when you look at our history, I don’t think it’s that way at all.”

Wright plans to talk about grassroots efforts for peace. It’s often women who deal with the aftermath of war, Wright said, so she’ll plans to talk about women in positions of leadership who help in the healing processes of war.

The program will also honor the 10th anniversary of United Nations Resolution 1325, the first resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council that specifically addresses the impact of war’s effects on women and women’s contributions to conflict resolution and peace.

“When you think about peace, the thing that’s really hot right now is that women are really the X factor in making peace happen globally,” Vail Symposium Executive Director Carrie Marsh said.

Ringera, a Kenya native, has held peace talks in Internally Displaced Persons camps, which have inspired many displaced women to start peace-building initiatives. She is a big fighter for human rights in her home country and around the world.

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