Peach asks for vote |

Peach asks for vote

I am pleased to further elaborate my candidacy for Avon Town Council to the readers of the Vail Daily.

I am such a proud citizen of Avon, Colorado. Avon is on the cusp of a profound transition. The very character of the town core is emerging. As such, Avon will experience growth, an increase in vibrancy, and, quite probably, some growing pains. Effective leadership on the town’s council, especially from a diversity of backgrounds, will enable Avon to reach its full potential.

By using tax increment financing to establish the Urban Renewal Authority, the leaders of Avon have forever altered the town core. The patchwork development that has predominated the past will hopefully become more united with a common theme envisioned by the town. No one developer in the town core could have organized the redevelopment and improvements that are occurring along so many property lines. Ideally, this investment in our town’s future will enable future public/private partnerships that make Avon more livable and likable every day.

This revitalization, while great for property values, also presents a conundrum. The better Avon gets, the more challenging it is to keep working class families in Avon. As first homes become more out of reach for the middle class in Avon, the more proactive we must be to make housing accessible. This concept does not mean that we should remain as we are. It simply means that we must consider and plan for the consequences of our actions.

Three resort-based counties (Summit, Garfield, and Routt) surround Eagle County. Each experiences the same workforce and affordable housing issues. It is unlikely that people will travel from those counties to ours when there is work in their communities. People can live in Lake County and commute to Vail, but the drive over Battle Mountain is often treacherous and certainly does not lend itself to high traffic volumes. Furthermore, the Vail Valley has unique geographical constraints limiting our ability to take cues from small, highly demanded communities like Boulder, who rely on Denver suburbs for a large portion of its workforce. This is a problem that we will have to solve for ourselves. The town of Avon must be an active player in that solution.

Affordable housing is only one of the many issues that Avon will have to consider. The potential to experience decreased taxes from real estate transfer, property, and accommodations is real. Spending will have to be prioritized. To tackle most of the problems that Avon will face, we must have creativity, insight, teamwork, and a respect for others’ opinions. In essence, we need leadership. Avon already has town leadership with vision and these skills that will enable the town to grow responsibly. I would like to be a contributing member of that team, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

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