Pedestrian hit by a car in Avon, taken to hospital |

Pedestrian hit by a car in Avon, taken to hospital

A male driving an SUV ran into a female pedestrian Tuesday afternoon at the Avon intersection of East Hurd Lane and Avon Road. The injured woman was conscious when emergency personnel arrived on scene, according to Avon Police Chief Greg Daly, and left in an ambulance.

The male driver of the vehicle cooperated with police when they arrived on the scene and was released. He faces a misdemeanor charge for careless driving causing bodily injury.

Daly said the driver was heading westbound on East Hurd Lane and came to a full stop at the intersection and looked left before pulling out. The driver told police he didn’t see the pedestrian to his right.

“He hit the pedestrian and she went down to the ground,” Daly said.

A passerby who happens to be a nurse came to the pedestrian’s aid to provide emergency care and get the injured woman into a recovery position, Daly said. Another person with medical training who was driving by also stopped to help.

Daly said the department is currently investigating the accident by taking photos and measurements of the accident scene and talking to witnesses before making a decision on charges.

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