Pedicabs rolling on Vail streets this summer |

Pedicabs rolling on Vail streets this summer

NWS pedicab KA 6-3-11

VAIL, Colorado – Pedicabs are back in Vail. Seth Bounds hopes they’re back to stay.

Bounds, owner of Green Limousines, is launching a bicycle-powered cab company in Vail during this weekend’s Teva Mountain Games. He hopes the season will extend into fall, or perhaps beyond.

To start the business, Bounds has brought up four of the cabs from Austin, Texas, where he owns a successful pedicab operation that serves the town’s bustling entertainment scene.

“I love to bike – I’m really passionate about it,” Bounds said. He started pedalling partiers around himself, and has since expanded the business to 20 cabs. Those cabs are leased to drivers, who are paid by tips, not standard rates.

The cabs, manufactured by a Front Range company, are stout pieces, with a nearly 600-pound cargo capacity, ultra-low gearing for the riders and automotive-grade brakes for quick stops.

This weekend, Bounds’ pedicabs will mostly run between Vail Village and Golden Peak for the Teva Mountain Games. The drivers will also be showing off Teva’s new bike shoes. Through the season, though, the cabs will run primarily between Lionshead and the Ford Amphitheater, with occasional trips to Cascade Village and back.

For the most part, the cabs will operate on Vail’s town streets. They’ll only be seen on the town’s frontage roads pedaling between the Cascade and Lionshead, and around the Vail Village parking structure.

Bounds has lined up three full-time drivers and a handful of part-timers who will work through the summer. But the pedicab season may be longer than just the warm-weather months.

“We’ll see what the season is,” Bounds said. “I could see us running in the warmer months of winter, and in Breckenridge I know they have ski racks on the cabs.”

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