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Pedro Fraile, Oil Painter

Photo special to the DailyThree Gleaners by Pedro Fraile

Pedro Fraile is an artist from Madrid, Spain. Fraile’s artistic career embraces an abundant and large body of work that began at an early age. When he was quite young, he came to live with the great Spanish master Manuel Benedito. The four years that Pedro spent in the magic world of Manuel Benedito’s creative workshop were decisive.

At the age of twelve, he returned to Madrid with his parents and started school. After class, he went to the School of Arts and Crafts instead of playing with the other children. It was here that he learned the hard discipline of charcoal pencil drawing, copying the Classical Greek and Roman sculptures. He continued this education during primary school and then enrolled at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Madrid.

Fraile’s parents did not understand the origin of his vocation and feared his artistic success being in a country full of artists.

Nonetheless, after finishing his studies at the Fine Arts School, he toured the hard and ocher Castillian countryside. The plains, the humble villages, feeling subdued by the plasticity of the scenes offered by harvestmen: the vibrating yellow of the spikes under a torrid August sun, the blue sky, the daily hush of harvest were all a tremendous influence on Fraile.

The arid and sober climate of Castille thus gave a Mediterranean style to his work. Mir, Rusinol, and especially Joaquin Vayreda were all a source of artistic inspiration for Pedro. From his travels through the countryside, he produced a splendid series of paintings on this subject.

Pedro married in his early twenties. After living in Barcelona for one year, he and his wife returned to Madrid where he intensely dedicated himself to painting, all the while knowing that there was a long road ahead.

The first years were difficult, but he made a life out of painting. Pedro’s paintings have had great success due to his subject matter – the land and a simple life that he respects and loves. His pallet of pure, vibrant colors transmits vitality and optimism.

With a figurative conception, he creates under the perspective of his identity, generating a personal atmosphere. Pedro’s narrative style of painting describes his own experiences – landscapes or quite scenes, marked by the man’s hand, that humanize and make the pictorial space a tangible place; peaceful scenes where the soul rests.

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