Peeping Tom reported in Edwards |

Peeping Tom reported in Edwards

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado – Residents in the Miller Ranch neighborhood are on the lookout for a peeping Tom.

Miller Ranch resident Travis Siemer saw a man lurking around the alleyways in the neighborhood Friday morning around 6:30 a.m. and thought he looked suspicious. Siemer said he saw the man taking pictures with a cell phone camera while looking into a bedroom window.

Siemer later went up to the man and asked whether he lived in the area and what he was doing. The man told Siemer he was an Eagle County Sheriff’s Department officer, and pointed to what looked like a Sheriff’s Office emblem on his black shirt.

Siemer later called the Sheriff’s Office and reported the incident as well as the name the man gave him, which turned out to be false.

“My concern is this guy is pretending to be law enforcement,” Siemer said. “There are so many kids here in Miller Ranch. If an adult were to walk up to them with this emblem on, kids would believe it.”

Eagle County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said the Sheriff’s Office received the call shortly after 7 a.m. about the suspicious person. Cordingly confirmed the man was not a Sheriff’s Office deputy, as he had claimed.

A Sheriff’s Office deputy who does actually live in Miller Ranch is working on the case.

The Slifer Management Company, Miller Ranch’s property management company, sent an alert out to residents Friday afternoon telling residents to be alert.

The man is described as white or Hispanic, about 5-foot-8, 185 pounds, fairly stocky with a beer belly and about 30 to 40 years old. The man was wearing all black, Siemer said.

The man also has short black hair and a black goatee.

The alert warns residents to keep their windows covered and their doors locked.

Anyone with information should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-479-2200.

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