People in need |

People in need

Linda Riley
Vail, CO, Colorado

I know how people in the area go out of their way to help someone in need. I’d like to share the story of a couple I know in hopes some of you will send them your best wishes for what awaits them.

He’s 49-year-old Sean Riley. He has been driving local dump and end-dump trucks in the valley for more than five years. You might have seen him driving down the highway, talking on that CB. He was always giving someone a hard time, but he’d be the first on a job site to help another driver if he could.

Due to Sean’s wife Linda’s disability, she couldn’t work. So with one income, they live a very simple life. They live in a small, non-running motorhome. They haul water and use an outdoor toilet. They have their pets, and life was pretty good until February.

Sean hurt his back on the job and was unable to work. He filed for workers’ compensation, but week after week went by with no money. Even after getting a lawyer, there still is no money coming in, and a hearing is a long way off.

With Sean going to physical therapy and having to pay for all his own medicine, even though they tried to keep their heads above water, the money they had only lasted so long.

He had to give up physical therapy due to gas for the car. Since he could no longer pay for his medicine, it wasn’t doing much good to keep going to the doctor.

Still, they kept hoping workers’ compensation would kick in, and that hope is what kept them going.

Three weeks ago, Sean started coughing up blood. With the help of an Avon doctor who is so special he cares for the people more than the money, Sean was able to get tests that came back showing he has lung cancer. He goes to the Shaw Cancer Center on Monday.

These people have really had the worst luck and are scared to death of what faces them.

They could use a few kind words and prayers. Their address is P.O. Box 393, Wolcott, CO 81655. Their phone number is 719-213-0741.

You drivers who know Sean from the jobs, please feel free to give him a call. It would mean a lot to him.

Linda Riley


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