Pep rally gears up Edwards students |

Pep rally gears up Edwards students

Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyEdwards Elementary students form a human chain around the school Friday for their first day in Edwards.

EDWARDS ” Never mind that it’s not time for CSAP or NWEA tests. Edwards Elementary decided to kick off their school year with a spirited pep rally promoting academics.

Third grade teacher Ginny Glenn opened the rally with a heart-felt wolf howl ” honoring the school’s mascot ” and cheers promoting reading, math and writing followed in English and Spanish.

After a school-spirit competition between classes, teachers were introduced in groups, with each group acting out a skit. Ideas for skits came from the school’s rubric describing the characteristics of a successful student.

The kindergarten/first grade group presented a skit on the importance of participation, with teachers forming letters with their bodies.

The second/third grade group”s skit highlighted the importance of attendance. Teacher Nate Wells skipped to school each day, wearing his backpack, with a sign indicating the day of the week. He also showed up on a Saturday when the school was empty.

The fourth grade teachers had an imaginary discussion with a friend from another school, comparing notes, and promoting what a great place Edwards is.

“This part of the rubric is that a successful student has school spirit,” says teacher Diane Coombs.

The fifth grade teachers acted out a skit about doing homework. There were two students and a teacher. One student turned in homework and got an A, and the other said it would be turned in later.

When they got home, the good student was going to get to go to an amusement park in Denver and the other was grounded for two months.

Starting with the kindergartners, each class got up and, holding hands, walked out to form a human chain around the building to promote unity.

“We got all the way around,” Coombs said.

For the first year, all kindergartners have school every day at the school. This was the first day for them as well as the other students.

“The kids had a great time, and we got to show what an exciting place our school is,” says Coombs.

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