Personhood initiative prompts Colorado birth control bill |

Personhood initiative prompts Colorado birth control bill

DENVER, Colorado ” Two state lawmakers want to add a legal definition of contraception to state law as a way to prevent birth control from being banned by any possible anti-abortion measures.

Sen. Betty Boyd and Rep. Anne McGihon say they introduced Senate Bill 225 following last year’s failed personhood initiative.

The ballot measure would have defined a fertilized egg as a person and set the stage for banning abortion. Opponents said it also could have banned some types of fertility treatments and contraception that leads to the disposal of fertilized eggs.

The amendment’s sponsor, Kristi Burton, said she’s not opposed to birth control. But she does says she’s against any methods that destroy a fertilized egg.

The bill would define “contraception” or “contraceptive” as “a medically acceptable drug, device or procedure used to prevent pregnancy.” It would apply to any statute on the books that mentions contraception.

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