Perspective only goes so far |

Perspective only goes so far

Odai and Qusai are history, relegated to reconstructive “corpse posing” for the international media.


Now we just need to get Kobe off the streets and the world will once again be safe for us all.

While a little perspective is welcome, I also ask, who is kidding whom?

An NBA player in trouble with the law? Imagine that.

A wealthy celebrity committing adultery? Why, I’m shocked.

A man having sex with a woman in a hotel room? Well, I never.

However, forcing said sex against the woman’s wishes? Castration comes to mind.

Let’s keep this simple:

Man flirts – girl flirts.

Man teases – girl teases.

Man invites – girl accepts.

Man horny – girl not.

Man forces – girl fights.

Man finishes – girl finished, and this girl is one of our own.

Regardless of Kobe’s lawyer, Pamela Mackey (who used to live and work here), and her claims of the evidence in this case falling “far, far short” of being proven beyond a reasonable doubt, our local DA does not approach high-profile cases with the flippancy of LA malpractice suits for unsuccessful face lifts. Mark Hurlbert is convinced he has strong enough evidence to win a conviction for a Class 3 felony sexual assault, and I see no reason not to trust his decisions, at least up to this point.



If the alleged victim checked any box other than “Anglo” during the latest census and the superstar athlete claiming to have had consensual sex with her was as white as Pepi’s Face in January, I guarantee the racists’ jackasses would be screaming their worn-thin mantra in the opposite direction. Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton would both be present and accounted for, probably staying at the Ritz Carlton by night while touring the trailer parks by day in feigned disgust.

An LA rag pointing out Eagle County’s black population percentage as a justifiable excuse for a fair trial being impossible makes as much sense as blaming Shaq’s free-throw percentage as a justifiable excuse for the Laker’s impossibly sorry showing in last year’s playoffs.

Read this, you californicating mudslides: A jury should be reflective of the community in which the alleged crime was committed, not the defendant.

And now we have an LA radio talk show host justifying his announcing of the young lady’s name on-air by saying, “You can’t get a fair trial by only knowing the name of one of the two people involved!”

I’d like to remind his smog-infested, tofu-eating mind that every single one of those involved with the actual “fair trial” in a court of law – such as the judge, the jury, and the attorneys – will indeed know the young lady’s name, and they are the only ones who need to know it. Perhaps he is referring to the “trial by media-based public opinion” that is apparently still in the “opening statement” phase.

Either way, how does this sound: “Yo baby, I’m sorry. Here, put this on.”

Maybe a $4 million, 8-carat diamond is a California way of proving one’s innocence. But here in the mountains we observe such activities with a rather skewed eye.

To hell with the California media running around like rampant speed-laced rug rats with rumors and every little rash tidbit of info they can scrounge up by offering teen-agers cash to get misleading questions answered. Their sincerity for the truth runs as deep as their botox injections.

This local young lady is being shredded apart without ever once opening her mouth to the media, while yet another falling-from-grace superstar athlete buys jewelry, character witnesses and overpriced lawyers to help proclaim his alleged innocence on national TV.

Our sheriff is compared to Barney Fife. Our DA is receiving threats of various natures, including death. Our town has been called “middle-class S where bored teens hang out at the Texaco station, then drive off to party through the night in the hills.” And our entire population referred to as “mountain people,” insinuating we are some kind of uneducated backwoods hillbillies incapable of grasping the difference between adultery and rape.

We treated Kobe like the good little wealthy tourist he was, and in return this young lady and the rest of the valley is being used and abused by Kobe, most of the national media, and a small but vocal core of rabid fanatical fans grossly misusing the information highway.

Take off the gloves and get ready, Happy Valley. This fight is just beginning.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at

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