Pete Buckley loses Internet lawsuit |

Pete Buckley loses Internet lawsuit

J.K. Perry

EAGLE ” A judge Thursday rejected former Avon town councilman Pete Buckley’s claim Vail Resorts and one of its Internet subsidiaries were acting maliciously when he was charged with computer fraud in 2001.

In 2001, Buckley was arrested and accused of flooding’s computer system with “spam” or bogus e-mail messages.

After fraud charges against Buckley were dropped in 2003, he sued Vail Resorts, and its vice president, John Uhley, for malicious prosecution.

Eagle County Judge Tom Moorhead ruled Thursday Vail Resorts and didn’t act unreasonably in accusing Buckley.

“The undisputed evidence establishes that John Uhley, in good faith, believed, and a reasonable person under the same circumstances would also have believed, that Peter Buckley was guilty of the offense with which he was charged,” Moorhead said in his ruling.

Buckley, who lives in Wildridge, operates, a home computer and Internet business. He refused comment about the defeat of his lawsuit, and his attorney, Sander Karp, did not immediately return a phone message.

Investigator’s reports originally alleged that there was antagonism between the two companies after Buckley applied for a job but was not hired.

Vail Resorts representatives Thursday said they were “extremely gratified” with the court’s ruling.

“Unfortunately, we had to spend a substantial amount of time, money and effort to vindicate the good name of John Uhley and,” Vail attorney Martha Rehm said. “As the judge directed in the ruling, we will request reimbursement of our attorneys fees.”

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