Pets available for adoption in Eagle County |

Pets available for adoption in Eagle County

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Princess, plott hound mix, 2 years 1 month.
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Now that things are settling down after the holidays, it might be a good time to look into adopting a pet.

The Vail Valley has two animal shelters, the Eagle County Animal Shelter and the Eagle County Humane Society. Here’s a breakdown of the furry friends they have to offer:

Bella is a 2-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mix. She’s great with other dogs, cats and kids. Bella is also great off-leash. Bella came from New Mexico after being abandoned. She was found under a car with a liter of puppies, which have all been adopted. Contact her foster by calling 810-338-8703.

Kira is a 1-year-old pure-bred Staffordshire bull terrier who came from Kansas. Kira is extremely friendly with other dogs and with kids, but she hasn’t been tested with cats just yet. She was rescued from a shelter with a euthanasia list. Contact her foster by calling 810-338-8703.

Anna is a pit bull mix hailing from Texas. She’s somewhat shy, but she’s good with other dogs and with kids. Despite her shyness, Anna is very friendly, a cuddle-bug and is great off-leash. She has yet to be tested with cats. Contact her foster by calling 810-338-8703.

RJ is an energetic, fun-loving 8-month-old shepherd mix He is a handsome mutt with a fun personality who loves to play in the yard with other dogs. RJ should do well in a home with other dogs and kids but hasn’t been tested yet with cats. Contact 970-328-3647 to meet RJ.

Princess is a beautiful 1-and-a half-year-old plott hound mix who loves to play in the yard and go exploring. Princess comes from Texas and is very excited about the snow. She seems to do well with other dogs that are her size, but has yet to be tested with cats. Princess still needs a bit of training but she loves to learn and please. Contact 970-328-3647 to meet Princess.

Burke is a fun-loving goofball who loves to play. He is a 1-year-old neutered Labrador husky mix with a ton of personality. Burke will need an active home where he will have an owner that understands his need to play and exercise. He is still learning his manners so he will also need someone who is patient and willing to work with him. Contact 970-328-3647 to meet Burke.

Panther is a 3-year-old male domestic short hair cat that loves attention and loves a good scratch under the chin. He seems to do well with kids but hasn’t been tested with other cats and dogs. Contact 970-328-3647 to meet Panther.

Frankie, an 11-year-old domestic short hair, is very skittish. It takes her a long time to warm up to anyone, but she seems to be good with other cats but can be overwhelmed when too many are around. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Frankie.

Pierre is an incredibly affectionate domestic long hair and loves being pet and sitting in your lap. In fact, he loves it so much that it was difficult to get a picture of him. To meet this cutie contact 970-331-1983.

Sasha, a gorgeous domestic medium hair, is less than a year old. She’s very social and good with other cats. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Sasha.

Duster is very lively, friendly and outgoing. It may take him a few days to warm up, but he responds to attention. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Duster.

Jasmine is a 7-year-old domestic short hair mix. She’s very sweet and loving. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Jasmine.

Sophie is a super wonderful domestic medium hair. She’s is very fond of other cats, and is petite in size. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Sophie.

Tabby is very sweet and very young. She’s a domestic medium hair and is only 5 to 6 months old. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Tabby.

Sam is a gorgeous young cat. She was in veterinary care for her eye, which she nearly lost, but has made a full recovery. She’s very social with people and other cats. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Sam.

Tiki is a domestic medium hair. She’s a bit little shy, but is mostly social. Tiki is less than a year old. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Tiki.

Tahoe is looking for a mature person or couple to take him in. His foster family has been working very hard to help him come out of his shell, and a mature home will be beneficial for him. Call 970-331-1983 to meet Tahoe.


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