Phase II of entryway project approved in Minturn meeting

Board: Minturn Town Council, evening meeting, Thursday.

Present: Terry Armistead, Sidney Harrington, Harvey Craig, Earle Bidez and Mayor Matt Scherr.

Issue: Swearing in the new council members and mayor.

What they talked about: Former councilmember Johnie Rosenfeld said it was an “honor to serve.” Former councilmember George Brodin thanked everybody for the opportunity and said “great people are coming in” and the town is “in good hands.” Brodin added, “I’ve got an appointment with a cold beer.” Former Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty ended his time in office, which started in 1998, with, “Thank you all for your time, and goodbye.” New councilmembers Armistead, Harrington and Craig were then sworn in, followed by Mayor Scherr. The crowd of about 25 applauded the former council and congratulated the new members.

Issue: Naming mayor pro tem.

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What they talked about: Mayor Scherr nominated Earle Bidez to fulfill the duties of mayor if he is not able to do so.

How they voted: In the council’s first vote, it approved the motion 5-0 appointing Bidez as mayor pro tem.

Issue: Phase II of the entryway project to town.

Who they talked to: Jeff Spanel and Marty Golembiewski, of Inter-Mountain Engineering, and Albert Quintana, of Icon Inc., the contractor hired to do the work.

What they talked about: Phase I of the project has already proven to be effective when a semi ran off U.S. Highway 24 in a snowstorm and hit the newly installed curb and landscaping in front of the Weston shop, stopping it from hitting the building or ending up in the river. Phase II, part of the town’s goals since 2010, is partially funded by money from the Ginn annexation. The town engineers are working with the Colorado Department of Transportation on the project that would increase safety around the entrance to town. Upgrades and improvements include clearly defining the roadway at the bend in U.S. Highway 24 near Magustos and Weston. The effort will make the crosswalk skinnier and safer with lighting and signs, new curbs and sidewalks, new asphalt and painted parking spaces on the road. Construction will impact traffic minimally and is expected to begin later this month and end in late June, before the market opens for the season.

How they voted: The council voted unanimously, 5-0, approving the project.

What’s next: The town will continue to talk with residents about how construction will effect them and prepare them for the project.

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