Philanthropist, author Carrie Morgridge speaks at The Bookworm of Edwards |

Philanthropist, author Carrie Morgridge speaks at The Bookworm of Edwards

Carrie Morgridge, bestselling author of "Every Gift Matters," is hosting an event Monday at the Bookworm in the Edwards Riverwalk. She's also the keynote speaker for Monday's Colorado Mountain College Women In Philanthropy event.
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If You Go ...

What: Philanthropist and author Carrie Morgridge with her best-seller, “Every Gift Matters.”

When: 6 p.m. Monday, June 27

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards, 295 Main St., Riverwalk at Edwards.

Cost: $15; $5 goes to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund

More information: Morgridge will discuss her book and how to make each donated dollar go further. Call 970-926-7323.

Carrie Morgridge wrote the book “Every Gift Matters,” because every gift does.

If money matters, and it does, then it’s important to donate it where it will do the most work, Morgridge said.

“The check-writing is the start, not the finish,” Morgridge said.

Morgridge is vice president of the Morgridge Family Foundation. For the past decade and a half, she and her husband, John, have worked to spark innovation in education, conservation, health and wellness and the arts.

Morgridge’s book “Every Gift Matters: How Your Passion Can Change the World” is conversational and direct, taking readers into the heart of philanthropy and philanthropists. It turns out that most of us are philanthropists.

“We all give to those in need at some point in our lives, whether that gift is in the form of time or money,” Morgridge told the Glenwood Post Independent.

It’s also an Amazon best-seller, and every dime goes to a work-force GED program.

Maximum Whack

Morgridge teaches us how to get the maximum whack for each donated dollar, how to leverage your gift of time or money for a bigger impact on your community.

For example, Morgridge will host two events Monday: one at The Bookworm in The Riverwalk at Edwards and a Women In Philanthropy event at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards.

It’ll cost you a couple bucks to get into The Bookworm event. Of that, $5 goes to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund.

Also Monday, she’s the keynote speaker at Colorado Mountain College’s Women in Philanthropy luncheon.

Female philanthropists will get an idea of what it’s like to be a college student by being college students. They pick up a class schedule, go to class, listen to lectures from CMC professors and have lunch.

The women in CMC’s Women in Philanthropy raise a bunch of money and then vote on which students and educational causes they’ll spend that money.

“It’s a gift multiplier,” said Diana Scherr, with CMC.

Monday’s CMC event helps connect students with donors and shows donors exactly where their money is going.

“The goal is to create a culture of philanthropy at the college,” Scherr said.

Morgridge serves on CMC President Carrie Hauser’s board of advisors. The family was instrumental in the Colorado Mountain College Aspen Morgridge Family Academic Center.

The Morgridge Family Foundation found its philanthropic footing in education and literacy.

Book Trust, a program that brings books to low-income kids, raised $150,000 with $1 donations.

Share Fair Nation, a Denver-based, open-source platform, has taught more than 10,000 teachers to use technology in the classroom. Also, 5,000 kids get a hands-on STEM experience.

Leadership is key

Morgridge has been at this for a decade and a half and has fine-tuned her donation expectations.

“You are expecting them to spend the money where you advise them to spend the money,” Morgridge said. “Don’t expect anything in return; yet hold the people accountable you gave the money to.”

Leadership tops Morgridge’s list when deciding who and where to donate.

“Effective philanthropy means, for some, a gift for investment in leadership, which means an investment in education,” Morgridge said. “If it’s not your passion, learn how to say no. Don’t be bullied into a grant.”

Morgridge graduated summa cum laude from International Academy of Design and Technology. She is also an aggressive athlete, finishing nine Ironman competitions.

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