Phix recreates the Phish experience |

Phix recreates the Phish experience

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BOND – Capturing the sound and spirit of Phish’s music, Phix travels the country and recreates the Phish experience for both new fans and long-time followers alike. The group plays State Bridge Lodge in Bond Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m.In about two years on the road, they played over 250 shows in over 30 states, including performances at venues such as the House of Blues (Hollywood, New Orleans, and Chicago locations), the Georgia Theater in Athens, Ga, B.B. King’s in New York City, and they consider the Fox Theatre in Boulder to be their “home” gig. The band has also been known to work with The Mockingbird Foundation, where they raise money for school music programs.Phix not only recreates the songs themselves, but they also recreate the experience of a live Phish show, complete with a light show and open-ended improvisations. “Phish fans know that the jams are the centerpiece of the live shows,” said keyboardist Derek Berg. “That’s where the real energy is, and that’s what people want to hear.” “That’s why this band is so much fun for us,” bassist Brian Adams said. “There’s a lot of room for our own creativity built into the music. We all had reservations about being in a tribute band, but with the open-ended nature of this music, and the fanatical demand for it, it’s been overwhelmingly meaningful and satisfying.” For more information, visit

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